It is summer time, and a good way to beat the summer heat is by preparing a dish that would cool you down, like a cold pasta salad recipe. It is healthy, nutritious, and very flavorful. It is perfect if served with barbecue like grilled chicken or grilled pork.

Summer is the best time of the year to cook outdoors, so it is now time for you to bring out your griller and bring together the special people in your life in a barbecue party. You can grill whatever you wish and pair it with a good bottle of wine and some cold pasta salad. It is very easy to prepare. All you need are some fresh veggies and pasta noodles. Follow this easy to make cold pasta salad recipe and you will never go wrong with it.

Make your Own Mayonnaise

You will be making a basil-infused mayonnaise for flavor. First, you need two fresh whole eggs and place them in a blender. Add some salt and pepper and some lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients together and slowly pour in light and clear oil, like corn oil or light olive oil.

Once that is done, boil some water and blanch the basil leaves for ten seconds. Then place the basil leaves in a bowl of ice cold water to stop the cooking process. Roughly chop the basil leaves and set aside. Add some fresh thyme to the blender. Then add in the basil leaves and blend well together.

Procedure for the Pasta Salad Recipe

Cook the pasta noodles of your choice, but pasta noodles with ridges are preferred so the mayonnaise can stick to the noodles. Cook the pasta al dente. After removing them from the boiling water, run the noodles in cold water so the cooking process will stop and the pasta will not get over-cooked. Place them in a big salad bowl.

The next step in this pasta salad recipe is to add some arugula, capers, orange and green bell peppers (cubed), hard boiled eggs (chopped), olives (minced), cherry tomatoes (chopped), prosciutto (coarsely chopped),  mozzarella cheese (cubed), extra virgin olive oil, and the homemade mayonnaise. Mix everything together and refrigerate before serving.

This recipe is very easy to follow, so even if you are a newbie in the kitchen, you will have success by following the step-by-step process. It can be prepared a day before and it would even get tastier because the ingredients have been incorporated well and the flavors from each ingredient will blend well with the rest.

Nutritional Value

This recipe is very ideal for everyone. It is packed with vitamins and minerals from the tomatoes, bell peppers, and arugula. It is best when paired with grilled food and rice. Children would also love this dish because it has mozzarella cheese and the texture and flavor from the cheese would be very appealing for children. Make this cold pasta salad recipe and enjoy a flavorful dish that has good nutritional value and is low in fat.