If you are looking for a hiking companion that will carry your heavy gear, one that does not enjoy talking about topics that do not interest you at all, and follows you at a discreet distance, stops when you stop, then you must not be looking for a human companion but an animal that is gentle like a llama. This is a very popular activity in the Rockies – to travel with a llama who will share the burden of your load.

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Colorado Trail Traverse

You will be taking the classic route which starts at the notable training spot of the 10th mountain division ski troops. Depending on how active you are, there are packages that offer three or five days of trekking with a llama. You will follow the Colorado Trail as it makes its way underneath the Continental Divide.

You will be traversing an average distance of five to eight miles and about 1500 feet of elevation gain. This is a fit travel activity for someone who is in search of an adventure, but with a companion that will carry your heavy baggage. Mountain huts are available for accommodation which is part of the 10th mountain division hut system. If you prefer longer trips, there is a layover so you can rest and enjoy the sceneries before proceeding with the trek.


If you’re wondering why you are going to travel with a llama as a companion, it is because llamas are built for these treks. They can carry your food, your gears, and your tents with ease and comfort. They are intelligent animals and they are very gentle, and even kids are safe to interact with them.

San Juan Llama Mountain Trek

If you want to travel with a llama for a trek adventure, there are overnight packages depending on your fitness level. For the leisurely trek, the elevation gain is gradual and you will reach your camp site after trekking a distance of only 2.5 miles. On moderate treks, the elevation gain is about 1,000 feet and it will take you an average of 3-6 miles before reaching your camp site.

If you are fit and adventurous, then you can take the adventurous trek where you will be staying for more than one night on the trail in order to reach your destination. You will not regret that you have decided to travel here because you will be amazed with the beauty of the mountains, the various flora and fauna around the place and an occasional sighting of wild animals like deer and elk.

5-Day Route

For a more challenging trek, you can select this route and you will begin by leaving camp creek and ascending to 12,800 feet. From this elevation, you travel further to the upper reaches of the Chicago Basin. If you are in for more challenge, then trek to the 14,087 Windom Peak. Then finally descend your way to the tree line at 11,000 feet where you will be spending the night and you will end the trek the following day.