Being super fit is awesome, but it doesn’t come without it’s issues, whether that has to do with dressing yourself and keeping up on personal hygiene. Here are some common issues that fit man face and what to do about them.

Finding Clothes that Fit

It makes sense that when you’re out of shape it can be hard to find clothes that fit, but it’s also the case that when you’re very muscular it can be hard to find clothes to fit as well. If for example your thighs or arms are preventing you from properly fitting into dress clothes you might even need to try some clothes made specifically more fit bodies. Keep in mind that a dress shirt should never feel tight otherwise it’s much to small, and if you can’t find pants to fit you everywhere fit some to the largest part of your body and then get them tailored down to fit elsewhere.

Clothes That Smell Even After a Wash

When you workout a lot you are going to end up having a lot of stinky laundry to do, and nothing is worse than putting some clean clothes on to find that still smell a little off. The best way to prevent this is to take your wet clothes out of your gym bag as soon as possible without letting them sit in their own filth, and let them dry out before tossing them into the hamper. Soaking hard to clean stuff in vinegar before a wash can help to rid them of some of the moldy smell, or you can also purchase some laundry detergent that is specially formulated to cut bacteria that leads to the scent.

Acne On Your Body

Sometimes men who are very active end up developing acne is places they never have. Acne isn’t ever welcome anywhere, but it’s especially not fun when it pops up on the body. This can occur from the added inflammation and irritation of the hair follicles on the body, which happens when you sit around in sweaty gym clothes or even from using dirty gym equipment. After your workout shower as soon as possible or at least use a body wipe with¬†salicylic acid to wipe down the areas of your body where you prone to break out. That will get rid of some of the bacteria and cut the odds that you’ll breakout.

Excessive Sweating

Some people who are very athletic sweat excessively even in social setting when there isn’t any working out going on. The best thing that can be done for this is to get a prescription strength deodorant that has¬†20% aluminum chloride to really stop the sweating. During a workout you might also think about using a chalk or powder on your hands if your gym allows it. If the issues continues to bother you, you might consider getting Botox where you sweat excessively which can essentially cause it to stop, although there is quite a bit of maintenance involved in that sort of treatment.