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South Africa: Conserve Great White Sharks

If you want to travel and do something good at the same time, better travel to South Africa and volunteer to help conserve Great White Sharks. You will have an amazing adventure and be able to help conserve these great predators when you get to South Africa and sign up for a 27-day program. But if you don’t have such amount of time, you can also do some short stints where you can still volunteer but in a shorter time.

Preserving Great Predators

These programs in South Africa are not only designed to protect Great White Sharks but also to help poverty-stricken families, particularly children. Other endangered species are also included in these programs, which makes it more fun and fulfilling to be part of. Really, you’re helping out a lot of groups – people and animals alike.

When you sign up to be a volunteer, you will have to pay a fee, which is about a little more than $900. The proceeds will be spent on the programs that were mentioned earlier. The fees will also cover your accommodation, food and other needs during this fit travel.

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Even though you have signed up to volunteer on preserving Great White Sharks, you will still surely have an active vacation because there will be a lot of time for sight-seeing and other activities. You can also sign up for other programs if you have the time so that you can experience more fun adventures like surfing or fishing. These activities will depend on where you are assigned and what activities are involved in your program.

Observation of Great White Sharks’ Behavior

The main thing that you will be doing in this volunteer program is to observe and record the behavior of these great predators to help understand how they live and how can people help preserve their population. You will be put in a floating cage where you can observe Great White Sharks up close. Cool, right?

Seamanship and Fishing

While you’re at your travel, you will also learn basic seamanship. This will enable you to be more confident and skillful in sailing and fishing. You will also learn how to cast your bait, which bait to use and how to catch your biggest fish.

Families and Groups

If you want to spend your trip with a group of buddies or with your family, you can bring them along. Most programs offer discounts for groups and families going for the same program. So, bring your buddies or bring the kids and the wife for a more enjoyable travel.

Diving Certification

What’s great about this program is that you really don’t need a diving certificate to sign up since participants will be in a floating cage. It would be an advantage, though, so volunteers are advised to get their C-card while they are on their program.

When making reservations for your travel, make sure that you sign up in advance. It will help if you do this more than 4 months before your desired date, so that you can reserve your spot on your preferred program.