Every day we need to eat, and even if we don’t earn a lot of money, we still need to buy food. Now, cooking on a budget is hard for others, especially for those who don’t experiment in the kitchen. For others, it could be easy but they don’t know other recipes and just stick to just one.

Good Food on a Budget

Do you know that even with less than $5, you can indulge in a gourmet recipe? Gourmet recipes don’t always need to have meat, and other expensive ingredients. Veggies are the key to cooking your new comfort food on a budget.

Here is a gourmet recipe for Zucchini Lemone, so you can enjoy cooking on a budget:


  • 3 Zucchini ($3)
  • 1oz Parmigiano Reggiano ($1)
  • 4oz butter and sea salt (Relatively free since you already have these.)
  • 1 lemon (.50)


  1. Peel zucchini with a julienne peeler. The key to a great meal is the art that you did on the food. Remember that the food needs to have texture to taste well and incorporate well with the flavors.
  2. Press hard enough and peel off until seeds are visible. Stop at the seeds.
  3. Continue with the other zucchinis. Place it in a bowl.
  4. Prepare boiling water in a casserole. Remove from heat. Place zucchinis in the just-boiled water for 10 seconds.
  5. After 10 seconds, toss the zucchinis a bit and strain out of the hot water. Leave a little bit of water for the sauce, and then place the zucchinis back to the casserole.

That makes zucchini the star of your recipe. Cooking on a budget is really easy right? But it’s not yet over. Here is the continuation of the recipe (the sauce) to make your recipe more delectable.

  1. For the sauce, place butter on the casserole. Put salt to taste. Slice lemon in half.
  2. Squeeze lemon into the casserole. Toss it until butter melts.
  3. Plate it with lemon on the side. Grate the cheese using the finest blade of your grater. Place a huge pile of cheese on top.

That’s it! You have a great meal for only $4.50 – way cheaper than eating at a restaurant. Now, if you have a date but you don’t have enough money to treat her at a luxurious restaurant, make this cooking on a budget recipe.

It’s sexy for a man to cook for his woman. Not only can you save a lot, you can also have bonding time with her in a different twist.

With anything that you want to cook, be mindful of the nutrition that you will get. Challenge your mind in trying different foods by following different recipes. Try going meatless at times and it is very important that you shop for fresh ingredients so that you’ll have enough ingredients for whatever recipe you want to cook on hand. As you can see now, cooking on a budget makes sense as it’s inexpensive and easy. Just put your heart into it and cook!