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Cop Pulls Over Man Who Looks Like His Dead Son, Then He Sees Something On His Dashboard And Breaks Down

Cop Pulls Over Man Who Looks Like His Dead Son, Then He Sees Something On His Dashboard And Breaks Down

Losing a child is one of the most heartbreaking and traumatic events that any parent could go through. When one man was driving his car, he saw a police car in his rearview window. The man immediately pulled over and asked the officer if he was speeding. The officer reassured him that he wasn’t and then told him the shocking reason as to why he pulled him over. 

20. Iraq War 

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The Iraq War was an armed conflict that started back in 2003 with the United State’s invasion of Iraq. The American-led coalition sent 177,194 troops into Iraq during the initial invasion. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women went off into war and some would never come back. 

19. Lost Lives 


Many men and women faithfully headed to war with Iraq. Unfortunately not all of them would return. An estimated 4,474 U.S. troops died in the Iraq War. Many parents lost their sons and daughters to the war and it was a heartbreaking reality. 

18. One Veteran

Image: Myspace/William Jazwinski

Our story centers around Iraq veteran William Jazwinski. Jazwinski faithfully served in the Iraq war as a Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator, and was now finally back home in the United States. Then one day, he would have an encounter with a police officer that would impact his life forever.

Keep reading to learn about the encounter. 

17. Driving Home 


Jazwinski was in his car driving home when he noticed something odd. Right behind him was a police car and it was following him around. He was going about his business as usual and he wasn’t speeding to his knowledge… 

16. Flashing Lights 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

Suddenly the police car’s lights began to flash and Jazwinkski knew that he had to pull over. So he pulled the car over to the side and waiting for the officer to approach his window. However, he had no idea what would happen next!

15. Confused 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

Jazwinkski was pretty confused as to why he was being pulled over and wanted an answer. When the officer approached his window, Jazwinkski asked the officer if he had been pulled over for speeding. The officer immediately said, “No.

14. Thanking Him 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

It turns out that the police officer wasn’t pulling him over for any illegal activity. No, instead, the officer had actually pulled Jazwinkski over to thank him for his service in the war. It seems that the officer must have spotted the military bumper sticker on the back of his truck.

13. Asking Questions 

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The police officer then began to start up a conversation with Jazwinkski. He asked the driver where he had served. Jazwinkski replied by telling the officer that he had spent 15 months in Iraq and was at Fort Benning.This immediately hit home for the officer. 

12. Opening Up 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

The officer seemed to be taken aback by Jazwinkski’s response. He then began to open up to the Iraq vet, telling him about his own son that had served in the war. Unfortunately, his son never made it back home. 

11. Close To Home 


Jazwinkski felt broken when he heard about the officer’s story. After all, Jazwinski had just finished a program to help him deal with his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many soldiers often come back from war with the affliction and find it hard to readjust back into ordinary life.

10. Folded Flag 

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After baring his soul to Jazwinski, the officer then also noticed a folded flag on the truck’s dashboard. The flag was identical to the one that the officer received when he was told about his son’s death. All of it began to really hit home for the officer. 

9. Odd Request 

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As the officer looked at the folded flag and thought over the conversation he had just had with Jazwinski he was overcome with emotion. All he could think about was his son that had passed away. That was when he asked Jazwinski for an odd request…

8. Asking 


The officer then asked Jazwinkski if he would get out of the car. Jazwinksi agreed but he was confused as to why the officer wanted him to do that. That’s when the officer asked him if he could get a hug. 

7. Remembering His Son 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

You remind me of my son. I pulled you over. I thought you were him. I still don’t believe it most days he’s gone,” the officer said. At that moment Jazwinski knew he couldn’t even think of rejecting the man’s request. 

6. Getting A Hug 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

Jazwinski immediately got out of his truck and embraced the officer. It was a touching moment for both of them. They had both undergone a traumatic experience and this tender moment was greatly appreciated by them both! 

5. Sweet Moment 


As the men began to hold each other, both of them began to sob. It was an extremely emotional encounter for them both. They both continued to hug and sob for around a minute or two. 

4. Letting Go 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

The men continued to embrace for another minute or two and then they let go. At this point they said their good-byes and the officer thanks Jazwinski for his service once more. The moment stuck with Jazwinski throughout the entire day so he knew he had to share it with his friends. 

3. Facebook Post 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

Jazwinksi decided to go on Facebook and share his wonderful and touching encounter with the police officer. He wrote a post about the encounter and how it had touched him deeply. Then he finished it off by writing something amazing!

2. Wonderful Message 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

To all the family and friends of soldiers, fighting or done fighting, God bless you. Your peace and your hearts. Its so hard without them, i know. This road is a tremendous one. Love to all.” The post, of course, went viral! 

1. Viral Post 

Image: Facebook/William Jazwinski

The post captured the hearts of many Americans who had stories of their own to share. It was an amazing moment that Jazwinski and the officer shared. It is so wonderful that there are moments that can be shared between humans that shows us our humanity.