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Cutest Thing Ever? These Fluffy Highland Cattle Calves Are Taking Over The Internet

Cutest Thing Ever? These Fluffy Highland Cattle Calves Are Taking Over The Internet

When cute animals are mentioned, the usual suspects are kittens and puppies. But have you ever seen Highland cattle calves? This Scottish breed is very special due to it’s long and wavy hair, which protects them from heavy rains and strong winds. You can throw your life insurance away because the positivity radiating from these photos can cure any ills! Here we’ve compiled the best photos of these adorable creatures. #9 and #6 are our favorites!

31. Time For Take Off


“Who’s that calf that can laugh at a storm cloud? Turn a frown into a smile for free?

Who’s the calf with a heart full of magic?

Everyone knows it’s me!”

Apparently, this tiny calf doesn’t enjoy taking pictures. If he only knew that he’s a celebrity on the internet! The next little buddy is even cuter!

30. Stewie


“Hey, pal! Wanna take me home?”

I’ll take you and all of your fluffy brothers and sisters. Cuteness overload! The next little guy looks angry and we can barely stop from saying ‘AWWWW’!

29. You Talkin To Me?


“I might be vertically challenged, but I’m still the boss of this family. Don’t believe me? Take a swing and see what happens.”

He’s not the only one who’s grumpy… the next calves are so adorably angry that they melt our hearts!

28. The Gang

The gang is ready to go out and we can’t wait to meet them! Cuteness is available in so many colors!  

The next adorable calf looks like he’s ready to attack us… with TOO MUCH CUTENESS!

27. The Angry Ball Of Fur

He probably heard us laughing at his earings and got mad about it… We must say, he looks gorgeous! But the next guy looks even better! We’re talking about the calf, not the human…

26. Cuddles


Fun Fact: Highland cattle grow long horns as they get older. They use them to assert dominance within their group hierarchy. A mature bull can weigh up to 800 kg (1800 pounds!), while a cow can weigh up to 500 kg (1100 pounds).

25. On The Ranch


Some ranches allow visitors to interact with their calves for a modest price. Highland cattle ranches can be found across North America, Australia and northern parts of Europe. We can see them almost everywhere and we couldn’t be happier!

24. What a Beautiful Day!

‘How YOU doin’?’ This calf’s photo looks like a profile photo and we’re sure that he breaks a lot of hearts!

The next guy is really hungry!

23. The Milk Diet


“The Milk Diet works. I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks and my calves like it as well.”

This guy is really hungry, but what’s up with the next one?

22. Tasty


Fun Fact: Highland cattle love to eat grass, leaves and an occasional flower. In nature, they can be found on steep, mountainous slopes, which leaves them exposed to attacks from predators such as wolves, mountain lions, bears and cougars. Luckily, this calf is in a safe space. Such as the next one! Can you guess what’s so special about it?

21. Henry Rollins


It’s either Rollins or Gandalf, but this fella definitely has an X-factor going on. Or maybe he’s old…

Next, we have a calf that can’t stop from staring at the camera! We’re not complaining but look at him…

20. It’s Time To Rumble


Better take that red jacket off. This guy is ready to attack! Just like the next cutie who’s fighting with his mom!

19. You Scratch My Neck, I Scratch Yours


The great benefit of being a furry animal – others want to scratch you – for free!

18. It’s Too Late


Run to your mamma!! What’s up with these guys and anger?! We don’t get it. But the next girl does…

17. Oh My


It’s done. Now you have a new pet. He’ll probably fit under your bed… or not! The next guy is king of the jungle.

16. King Of The Jungle


Trespassers will be caught and sent to the barn for further interrogation. The next couple of calves are in love. SO ADORABLE!

15. What You’re Looking At?

Who cares about cats when this baby calf is so fuzzy and cute? Want to see him with his mom? Just click next…

14. ‘I SIT!’

‘Moooom, I’m bored!’. This is something that we can’t relate to… we can’t get bored by looking at these photos!

13. ‘I Just Took A Shower’

We can all relate to fluffy hair after a shower, but not all of us are so cute! 

If you think that these photos are adorable, then you need to see the next ones because they’re even better!

12. Love At First Sight


Those eyelashes are so fabulous that we can’t stop staring! The next little fellow loves hanging out with his mom and we’re dying from the cuteness!

11. Momma Knows Best


“You can be a model, but school comes first.”

10. Give Daddy A Kiss


Ponies are out of fashion. Highland cattle calves are the new ‘every girl’s dream’.

9. Run Forest, run!!


“Waiitt. You gotta hear this joke man!”

8. Lick


Older highland cattle can endure extreme colds due to its double layered long-hair coat, and they’ve even been described as “…almost as cold-tolerant as the arctic-dwelling caribou and reindeer…”.

7. Village Paradise


One of the perks of living on a ranch is relaxing in nature every day.

6. Pie-Oh-My


This is the fluffiest specimen we’ve witnessed so far.

5. Gossip Time


“Okay, we’ll tell you. But John can’t find out we told you.”

4. Chilly Billy


As you’ve probably noticed, highland cattle calves love to relax. Although they don’t mind playing video games on the computer or reading car magazines, they like chilling outside the most.

3. Twilight


Is this real life or is it just fantasy?

2. Bobby


“Hi, I’m Bobby. Wanna be my new best pal?”

1. Golden  Retriever


“I sense lord Vader is in danger.”