Chromium is an essential mineral that is available in several different varieties. It has been said that almost 90 percent of people from around the world are deficient of this very important mineral. And because the uses of chromium are very broad, it is not surprising to know that it is now the number one ingredient of various supplements all over the world.

Various Uses of the Supplement

This supplement is often being praised for its amazing health benefits. For one, it greatly helps in weight loss. Not only that, it is said to be the kind of mineral that is capable of improving the health of those suffering from diabetes. Furthermore, it has a great ability to help one to develop lean muscles and that it is also effective at improving one’s health since it could lower the bad cholesterol level while raising the level of good cholesterol.

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How the Supplement Works

In order to better understand how it works, it is important to know that this mineral actually plays an important role in the breaking down of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Since fats are said to be the number one cause of high cholesterol, breaking it down can help to lower the risk of various heart diseases.

In addition, it also helps the insulin to regulate one’s blood sugar level or glucose. Some people are insulin resistant, especially diabetics, and this means that their body will have a tough time in dealing with their blood sugar level.  Sooner or later, diabetes could develop and this will happen if the pancreas will no longer be able to produce enough insulin.

In this case, the chromium supplement will be able to help those who are resistant to insulin by controlling their glucose level before it will start to stress out the pancreas.

How It Helps in Muscle Building

Chromium is also known to help bodybuilders bulk up on muscles. Not only that, it is great at helping one to lose a good amount of fat. Since this mineral is very important in helping the body to maintain the optimal insulin function, it is very effective in helping a body builder to develop lean muscles.

Several researches have also shown that it can help to significantly lessen the cravings of carbohydrates, thus, helping one to lose fat and this is necessary for muscle building. Furthermore, the supplement is also very effective in lowering the corisol level. The supplement therefore is ideal for individuals who are trying to restrict their calorie consumption and those who are training intensely in order to bulk up on muscles.

Side Effects

There has been no recommended daily allowance (RDA) set for chromium supplements, although most of these types of supplements often come in the dosage of 100 mcg up to 200 mcg for each tablet. Therefore, most experts will tell you that it’s relatively safe to use. It is however recommended to take it with a meal as it could lead to upset stomach when taken without meal. Of course, it’s a good idea to check with a doctor first.