There’s nothing cuter than a dog’s love for their owner and this story truly takes the cake. This little guy is totally terrified of bath time. In fact, he’s so afraid that he’s naturally assumed that his owners are both scared too. At first he would completely avoid the tub and he expected his owners to do the same, however, it wasn’t a reasonable option. Naturally, the dog assumed that the owners needed some moral support when getting into the tub. When you see what he does to cheer her up your heart won’t be able to take it!

20. The Owners

Image: Buzzfeed 

Meet 24-year-old Rebecca Weaver and her fiancé Sage. The couple lives in Rochester, New York with their adorable miniature Goldendoodle, Clark. While their dog may be adorable he also is very caring in the cutest way. You won’t believe what he does to “protect” his owners…

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