Sometimes, adopting a pet isn’t a thing you plan, it just happens. You find yourself looking at puppies and then you’re home with one. The same happened with Felicia Harrington, who wasn’t looking for a puppy, but she got home with a beautiful dog named JoJo. She was out shopping for Christmas on 17 December, last year, and she saw an SPCA of Texas event for adoption. Felicia was expecting a baby and she had a little boy at home and a dog wasn’t what she thought she’d be ready to have.

But then, she saw Jolander, or JoJo as they now call her. It was love at first sight! Unfortunately, not all things were great, even if JoJo was the sweetest pooch ever… it seems that not everyone was happy that the dog looked like a pit bull.

20. A Great Day For JoJo

Felicia was out with a friend, shopping at NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas, when she saw an adoption event. Even though she didn’t want to get a puppy, she was curious to see them. And then JoJo stood out!

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