Dumbbell Fly Overview

Exercise: Dumbbell Fly
Primary Muscle: Chest
Additional Muscle(s): N/A
Type: Isolation, Push
Gear Needed: Dumbbell, Flat Bench

What is a Dumbbell Fly?:

The dumbbell fly an exercise that isolates your chest and works your pectoralis major from a few various motions other than a bench press exercise, such as a Dumbbell Bench Press. Diverse Bench press exercises should be the majority of your chest workouts, although different – chest fly and Dumbbell Pullovers are great weight training exercises to add in.

How to do a Dumbbell Fly:

  1. Lay down onto a flat bench with a dumbbell in one hand laying on top of your thigh. Use an easy grip on the palm of your hand you have the dumbbell in.
  2. Use your thighs to help you get the dumbbell raised, then clean the dumbbell so that you can grip it in front of you with having your lifted arm being fully elongated. Always use an easy grip while performing this exercise. To have a steady support, make sure your non lifting hand is holding the flat bench. This position will be your starting point.
  3. Have your arm with the weight in it make a small bend on your elbow, this way you don’t stress the bicep tendon. Start by lowering your arm with the weight in it outward into an outstretched arc until you begin to feel a stretch on your chest. Remember to inhale at this stage of the exercise. Advice: Make sure during the motion that your lifting arm is in a fixed position. The motion should take place at the shoulder joint only.
  4. Retreat your lifting arm back to the original starting position as you clasp your chest muscles and exhale.  Advice: Remember to use the same arc of movement used to lower the weights.
  5. While at the condensed position, hold for a brief second, and then perform the preferred number of reps for this exercise.
  6. Change arms and repeat the exercise.

Alternative: For a different stimulation, you can use a palms facing forward variation.

Dumbbell Fly Video