Breaking free when tied up is a skill that men should know. There can be situations that you cannot control, so you should know how you can get off when you’ve been tied up. Yes, this may sound impossible, as magicians and escape artists are the only ones capable of such skills. However, when it comes to survival, you need to know how to break free to be able to save your, or other people’s, lives.

Escape like Houdini

Zip ties and duct tape are often used to bind people. These items are incredibly durable, so you might think that it’s impossible to break free from them. If you know the proper way to break free from these materials, it is possible.

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Zip Ties

Zip ties are hard to cut as they’re quite durable. It’s hard to escape when you’re tied with these, but with proper technique you can break free from it.

If you’ve been tied with your hands behind your back, you should put them forward first. Don’t worry; even if you’re not that flexible, this is possible. Just slide your behind then slide your feet, one by one, through your arms.

Once your hands are in front of you, stand up and put one of your feet forward, then extend your hands forward. Make sure that your hands are on your shoulder’s level, and shoulders are relaxed. Take a deep breath and escape by suddenly bending your elbows towards you, making your hands hit your chest. Be sure to harden your chest and put them forward to add force. This will break the zip ties, setting you free.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is harder to break free from because it’s more durable. Your movements are also limited, as duct tape binds your wrists much closer to each other. However, you can still escape from duct tape.

First, put your arms in front of you, then look for a tool that can help you get free. It’s great if you’re wearing a shoe with a rounded shoelace. Untie your shoelace until you can bite one of its ends. Make sure the shoelace is still attached to the shoes so that when you pull it, it’ll be taut.

Use the stretched shoelace as a saw, and cut the duct tape by placing it between your hands and rubbing the tape up and down the shoelace. The heat, along with the friction, will cut the duct tape. This may take a while, but you’ll be able to escape using this method.

Knowing how to break free from ties is a good skill that can save your life. So, learn these tricks and practice them. You never know when they’ll come in handy.