Hemp seed has become pretty popular in the health world and with good reason. It’s not only good for you, and versatile, but it is also an environmentally sustainable product to make and sell.

The Protein

Hemp seeds are so high in protein that they’re actually low in fat when compared to other types of seeds. And not only are they high in protein, but they contain all 20 amino acids including all nine of the essential amino acids, which means that they are a complete source of protein, which many vegetarian or vegan sources are not. They also contain two types of proteins called albumin and edestine which are easily digestible in the body thanks to their similarities with proteins in our own blood. Hemp is a little lower in the amino acid leucine however, which is important for building muscle, so don’t rely on it as your only source of protein.

The Omega’s

Now you can get can the omega’s in a variety of places, but what makes getting them from hemp seeds interesting is that they come in a great ratio…omega 6 to 3, is a 3 to 1 ratio. The omega 3’s are the ones that cut down on inflammation, so this ratio provides the perfect balance. Not getting enough omega-3’s sets you up for inflammation in the body small and large. One of the omega-6’s called gamma linolenic acid is important for naturally balancing the hormones. many people get plenty of the omega-6’s if they eat meat, but for vegetarians hemp seed can be a great option.

The Weight Control

Those healthy fats that the hemp seeds contain can fill you up, replace other empty calories in your diet, and make the body more efficient at burning fat. Hemp seeds can also make any meal more filling with their high protein content, so you might be able to keep off mid morning snacking if you include them in your wake up meal. Do be mindful of the fact however that like all seeds hemp seeds are a dense food and so the calories can add up quickly. Don’t down multiple serving in a day in addition to your normal meals in other words, pick one to add on the hemp boost.

Hemp seeds are also high in magnesium which helps to control the blood sugar and cut down cravings. Magnesium also helps with relaxation in the body and helps reduce the blood pressure.

The Taste

Did we mention that shelled, raw hemp seeds are delicious? They’re soft, chewy, and nutty tasting which means they are a perfect addition to any breakfast cereal or sprinkled on toast or in smoothies. They’re also great on salads, or sprinkled into veggie burgers or onto chicken. It’s just one more tasty way to get the protein that you need as well as a whole ton of other great health benefits.

Keep in mind that to get the most health benefits from hemp seeds you shouldn’t be cooking them, instead you should be enjoying them raw. The polyunsaturated fats that they contain can oxidize when they are cooked at high temperatures, so you would lose out on the healthy fat aspect of them.