Why do you think some people choose NOT to exercise and make healthy choices?

Marc Perry

I think there are a number of reasons including (1) their parents didn’t exercise or make healthy choices (2) their friends don’t (3) marketers have warped the minds of some Americans into thinking it’s cool not to exercise and eat well, (4) some are confused how to change, or how to exercise and make healthy choices and (5) not exercising and eating healthy is the path of least resistance.

Adam Copeland

Choosing to exercise and make healthy decisions has yet to become a social convention. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be different, and being consistently healthy, unfortunately, is very different right now.

Until we change our expectations of people’s diet and exercise habits while making it easier for people to practice healthier behaviors, health will continue to be a difficult pursuit.

The current majority opinion on healthy lifestyles, is that they are contrary to enjoyment.

There is an interesting paradox. People will flat out tell you they would enjoy looking better. Whether that means having a six-pack of abs, bigger biceps, no love handles etc. Yet, those same people will not give up their apparently less enjoyable lifestyles to attain some greater form of health, body image, or strength.

If you can learn to love the journey, the struggle, and the success, then enjoyment will surely follow.

Rob Sulaver

Because they haven’t discovered yet how awesome life is when they do.

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