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Belize: Extreme Expedition

When going extreme is on your mind when you think of fit travel, then going on an expedition in Belize is what you ought to have. This months-long expedition will not only teach you survival skills that you can use on your future travels but will also help you gain leadership skills that can help you be a guide on tours onto the wild.

Going on this trip is quite worthwhile because you will not only gain experience and knowledge but will also get to see amazing views of your surroundings. Thus, you will experience great adventure that includes knowledge building, skills training and pleasure travel.

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Great for Active Explorers

When you sign up for a 16-week-long extreme expedition in Belize, you will get to experience everything that you are looking for in an adventurous journey. You will get to gain the skills that you need to survive in the wild if ever you will get stuck in a forest or jungle or when one of your companions gets injured during your trip.

Tracking and Recording of Lost Mayan Artifacts

If you are lucky and you travel during the time when explorers go on places where artifacts can be found, you will get to track and record lost Mayan artifacts. This is a great opportunity for you to not only gain survival skills but also to gain knowledge about the Mayan culture.

Survival Skills

From making shelter on forests and jungles to performing rescues on rivers, you will learn these skills on your 16-week-long expedition. This will greatly help you be more efficient on your future trips to the wild.

Two-Month-Long Expedition

You can also sign up for a two-month-long expedition if you do not have much time for this travel. The trip will cost you around $5,160. This will surely be worth every penny.

No Prior Experience Needed

Even when you do not have any scientific or technical skills regarding survival and expeditions, you will get to enjoy this trip since you will be taught everything. You do not have to worry about your age and your nationality since everyone is welcome to join, as long as you have the necessary travel documents specified by your originating country and your destination, which is Belize.

Learn Spanish

You can also learn Spanish during your trip since you will be staying in the place for quite a while. So, be sure to grab this opportunity to learn this language so that you can communicate well with your instructors, though, they will be speaking to you in English.

When experiencing this volunteer travel, be sure to be prepared not only on your mind but also on your heart so that you can be manly not just in your ways but also in your philosophy regarding nature. This will not only make your vacation enjoyable but gainful as well. So, get into the action and start being active not just in watching wildlife on your favorite channel but in real life as well.