First dates are basically all about getting to know the person you’re with, so of course most of that is going to be straight talking. There are however, always topics that are better off left out of the first date conversations, as well as talking tactics. Some men have a tendency to sort of interview women that they’re with instead of letting the conversation flow naturally which should always be avoided. Here are some first date conversations that will keep things relaxed and open.


Asking a woman who she talks to the most on a regular basis can you some great insight into who she is and what she values in her relationship. You can tell if she’s the type of person who has many close friends or few, and if she considers her siblings and parents some of her confidants or not. It’s a great way to open a conversation and get her talk about something that she is comfortable and knowledgeable about.


Travel is always a good topic for a first date because you can find out where she’s been and/or lived, and where she would want to go. You can get a feel for whether she is an adventurous person or not so much, and how open she is to other cultures in general. This can also let you know how worldly she is in general and if they two of you have things in common about your life experiences.

Dream Jobs

Discussing dream jobs can be a great conversation starter. It can let you know how serious she is about her current job and if she has any plans to make big moves within the next few years. It can let you know how she feels about money, commitment, and lifestyle. Each person’s dream job can be entirely different from one another and also different from the current life that they are living, so it’s an interesting thing to open up about.

Her Day

Asking someone about a normal day in their life is a good way to see her personality as she describes what went on. You can get a feel for what he work or social schedule is like, and whether she’s constantly on the go surrounded by people or the type that needs to veg out and decompress alone in her apartment before she can make her next move.

The Town You Live In

One way to break the ice and try to find some mutual ground is to discuss the town that you live in. It’s interesting to hear whether people put a positive spin on things or have a more negative view than you do. If you have common interests like you love the same brunch spot or have both been meaning to take a hike, it can be a good opportunity to solidify a second date.