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Giulini Wever: Fitness Model Confessions

We introduced the feature Confessions of a Fitness Model in the past, but we are taking this franchise to a whole new level with more in-depth interviews. We couldn’t be more excited that Giulini Wever has joined the conFITdent movement and she is here to help educate, enlighten, and empower you.

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giulini wever

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do for a living, any career or life highlights you’d like to share?

Giulini Wever: I was born in a tropical island called Curacao, N.A.. Raised in a multi-cultural background, I speak fluent Spanish, Dutch, English, and my native dialect, Papiamento.

I found my niche at a young age. It was to act, entertain, perform and teach. In order to hone in my professional skills in front of the camera, I entered the TV department at William Paterson University on a full scholarship. I landed a highly coveted position as the host of Jammin’ TV, a network music show, for which I received the award for best TV Host for the WPBN network. I graduated from William Patterson University with a Bachelor Degree in Communications.   I am Currently residing in Los Angeles CA.I enjoy living life as a Model, Actress and certified personal trainer where my clients range from celebrities to supermodels. An overall business women who enjoys creating, producing, taking charge of my dreams.

I am known for my latest feature in MAXIM “editors pick” about sculpting models, playing different roles in tv shows, movies & in music videos worked with everyone from Jamie Foxx to Lenny Kravitz to Britney Spears to the Wanted and playing the lead nemesis against Nicki Minaj in the ‘Your Love’ video, where I demonstrated my martial arts skills alongside actor Michael Jay White.

What is a typical daily routine for you?

Giulini Wever: If I am not booked on a job for the entire day, my daily routine consists of first, I wake up, look at my phone for any updated emails, check my schedule for my day that’s always changing, drink a freshly squeezed glass of oj, or eat any fruits that appear in my fridge… than my day begins and doesn’t stop from that point on whether is training myself first, training clients, juggling my acting, modeling or other television career opportunities, meetings, callbacks and on the phone with agents, clients and answering emails in between, to attending my duties at home aswell whether if it’s cooking lunch, dinner, cleaning and walking my cute little dogs.

What is the best way for a guy to approach a girl at the gym if at all?

Giulini Wever: I am turned off by man who stares and approaches a girl at the gym unless I gave him a sign to do so, but other than that I repeat do not approach a girl at the gym!

Where would you typically find a fit girl (dare we say fitness model) on a Friday/Saturday night?

Giulini Wever: At home watching movies, cooking a healthy dinner with friends or boyfriend, hanging with her doggies, so she can be refreshed for her early morning workout. Nothing should get in the way with her and her workout for the next morning, and if she does step out to an event 2 drinks max if she wants to be naughty 🙂

giulini wever

How can we motivate girlfriends to go to the gym?

Giulini Wever: We can motivate girlfriends to go to the gym by training each other. It makes it more exciting and the results are boundless because it becomes more competitive and more of an intense and fat burning workout. when my girlfriends and I workout together it’s our date time girl time. we burn more calories because we push each other harder!

In order, which qualities in men do you find the most attractive:

  1. A man with a sense of humor
  2. A man who exercise routinely
  3. A man who dresses well
  4. A man who eats healthy

Which male celebrity do you think has the most attractive physique?

Giulini Wever: I adore George St Pierre

Which song would people be surprised to see on your workout playlist?

Giulini Wever: Frank ocean “thinking about you”, when he hits the chorus notes, that voice is incredible ‘ “O” I run so much faster hehe

What’s your take on a guy who doesn’t drink when at the bar because he is staying in shape?

Giulini Wever: Then why you come to the bar, stay home or go to earthbar lol, no I respect a mans discipline, that’s hot you can’t hate 🙂

A lot of very fit people have a huge catalyst that drove them to the next level – whether it be a health scare, a relationship, or something of that nature. Was there anything that urged you to become so dedicated?

Giulini Wever: I’ve been a martial artist since the age of 5. I was taught by my father, Grand Master Dr. Andy Wever (Ph.D./Ma.D.Sc.), a certified 7th degree black belt in tae-kwon-do.  I’ve always been very athletic. As a child I was a devoted swimmer, martial artist, and through out my high school years I was a volleyball player. After earning my black belt at the age of 10, I continued to pursue my passion in the martial arts, and currently holds a 2nd degree black belt. Since then, I have mastered judo, jujitsu, karate, hapkido, aikido, kickboxing, and kung fu in addition to my certification in tae-kwon-do. With a passion instilled in my early years for martial arts and fitness and thru a chance meeting with my mentor Justin Gelband, ( dubbed “The Model Whisperer” by T Magazine, I became a Certified Personal Trainer

and began teaching fitness to women. I enjoy staying in shape and staying consistent with my workouts to encourage others that the only way to get the results is to stay fit, healthy and confident which creates optimal wellbeing!

giulini wever

What is your go-to cheat meal?

Giulini Wever: Nutella sandwich, as a matter of fact I feel like eating one now….

Sweat on a man: disgusting or hot?

Giulini Wever: Depends on what type of man, if you own a hairless chest and rocking washboard abs with perfectly shaped arms than it might be a lil sexy 🙂 sweat from a hardworking man is sexy though!


Most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had at the gym?

Giulini Wever: When my gels from my sports bra fell down on the floor right in front of me while I was bending down with a bar due to sweating I didn’t notice they were on the floor until they reached the floor. lol.. this happened by the way in my college years hehe

What are three nutrition tips that you’d like guys to follow?

1. First thing when you wake up eat “any type of berries” on an empty stomach they provide you with that morning energy boost, there low in calories, full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber that gives you that fat burning power!

2. Stack up on a healthy balanced diet, combining your food properly which helps your digestive system to process everything in a timely manner eliminating excess toxins.

Example: You can eat any lean organic meats (stay away from red meat is my personal advice) combined with any type of vegetables. Only combine any carbohydrates with any type of vegetables. Vegetables can be combined with anything such as carbs, dairy or meats.

3. At last, if you can the best way to keep that fit body is eating every 3 hours. Have about 6 healthy balanced meals a day, making 8 pm your last one, the more consistent you are with your food the better!

Asset you’re most proud of?

Giulini Wever: My legs are nice and firm, strong and lean and can kick your butt 🙂

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Credits: Photographer
Ryan Astamendi
Isaac White
Make up & hair:
Monique Woolley