Inspired by the many diets available in the world, the Five Factor Diet is one that has been created by studying the qualities of a diet for good health. Focusing on the nutrition and fitness needs of people, this diet is considered to be well-rounded and simple to follow.

About the Five Factor Diet and its Creator

The Five Factor diet was created by Harley Pasternak. He is a known celebrity fitness trainer, and has dealt with several of Hollywood’s celebrities, including John Mayer and Mandy Moore.

The diet focuses on the principle of eating five meals a day. Each meal is made up of five specific components: lean protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates, a healthy fat, and a sugarless drink. The most important parts are the protein and the fibre, because of their role in helping in your exercise routine and weight loss. It’s also best to have low-sugar and high-fibre consumption; it will help keep your sugar levels steady and avoid overconsumption of food.

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How It Works

The whole idea of the Five Factor Diet is keeping things simple. Its components are all done in fives: five meals a day, five exercises for a routine, exercising five days a week, and so on. The five exercises are to be done for five minutes each, of course, and apparently must take up about fifty percent of the overall diet.

The ingredients of the diet are meant to be nutrition rich, but kept in small amounts. The amount of nutrition in each food is varied and a little different than normal, to help make space for the higher number of meals. The exercise routine takes up at least half of the overall diet. Targeting both men and women, Pasternak advises both cardio and strength training, the use of dumbbells being highly advocated. This helps keep you healthy while helping you lose weight.

Pros and Cons

The positive things about the Five Factor Diet are:

  • The nutrition values of the diet are great, and appear to work in keeping your health up.
  • The author is a professional in helping people become fit.
  • The author has worked with the health of known celebrities and has better knowledge of how to keep up your fitness.
  • The diet allows you to have a “cheat” day once a week, wherein you can eat anything you want, regardless of its nutritional value.
  • The weight you lose is lost slowly, so there is less strain on your health.

The negative things about the Five Factor Diet are:

  • It may be hard for someone to keep up with this diet, as some of the foods recommended are expensive or may be hard to find.
  • The “cheat” day may be an incentive to eat inappropriate foods whenever.
  • The duration of five weeks—Pasternak’s recommendation of the diet’s duration—can be too little if you’re seeking to lose a lot of weight.
  • Constantly eating can be inconvenient for your schedule.

Some people consider the vegan diet to be a gimmick, due to its “supposed effectiveness” amongst celebrities, because celebrities have the money to lose weight. Diets have to be a personal life choice, so choose the diet that’s best for you.