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Food that Gets Better When You Add an Egg


Eggs are usually thought of as a breakfast food item but they certainly don’t need to be limited in any way. They can be cooked in endless different ways and the great source of protein while being low in calories. Incorporating them into meals that you already eat is a great way to add more protein to your diet to help with muscle building and recovery, and plus they’re delicious. Here are some dishes that get better when you add an egg.

A Burger

Any type of burger that you might make (yes even veggie) can be elevated by adding a runny egg on top. If you choose to eat your burgers bunless adding an egg can be extra fun, since it adds that layering element back into the equation. Try it and get hooked.


A Salad

Some salads like the chef salad come with hard boiled egg already, but you can get even more creative with this. Poached eggs for example, are a great topping for a caesar salad whether or not there is chicken also involved. A quinoa salad will step things up a notch by adding in some more protein plus fiber, and a runny egg yolk really does wonderful things to the taste of a bowl of quinoa. Sprinkle some cheese on top to really take things to the next level and get your calcium boost.

In a Sandwich

To make a super easy but really delicious, consider mixing together eggs, kale, and cheese and cooking it together to create a mixture for your sandwich or a pita. (Or low carb tortilla, whatever you prefer.) You can even make a big batch and have sandwich fillings ready to do for the week. Add the seasoning or sauce as you plate them.

In an Avocado

The baked avocado with an egg is just meant to be. Slice an avocado in half, remove the pit, and you’ve got a perfect egg dish. (You might need to make the whole a little larger depending on how big the avocado is.) Then you just bake the whole thing at 350 for 15 minutes and top with whatever you like. Cold weather breakfast of champions.

On a Pizza

If you’re looking for healthier alternative to certain meats on your pizza or you just like switching things up, look no further than the delicious egg. Make your pizza as normal but add on some eggs cooked to your liking when you’ve reached the end stages. Poached eggs work well since they can be cut into and the yolk will spread out, but you might be able to make it work with some version o scrambled eggs as well, who knows.

On Top of a Stir Fry

Nothing makes eating a plate of vegetables more fun than adding something like poached eggs on top. Simply make your stir fry, then make your eggs and combine. You can also make a healthy version of fried rice by using shaved cauliflower instead of rice. That recipe of course comes standard with eggs in it, so it’s an easy transition.