Growing up, we all wanted to become just like our favorite cartoons. However, as we get older we start making the difference between fantasy and reality but as we will soon find out, this is not the case for everyone. A Russian ex-soldier that goes by the name Kirill Tereshin, decided to take things to the next level and transform his muscles to look just like Popeye.

Sadly, Kirill Tereshin didn’t start working out hard to gain his 24 inches biceps and instead, he relied on a harmful substance. With that being said, today we are going to present you the shocking story of a teenager who took things too far! Prepare yourself because you’re not going to believe your eyes.

20. Photoshop or Not?

I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this picture was photoshopped. However, I guarantee that it’s not. The man we’re seeing in this picture is Kirill Tereshin and this is one of his 24-inch biceps. Let’s get to know Kirill Tereshin a little bit more.

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