We got a free Spartan Race voucher from our friends at the Spartan Race and want you to have it. We hand select our partners and turn down several brands every week as partners because we have very specific terms. Confitdent was built on the premise of surrounding people with the means and motivation to reap the many great things that life has to offer. Our goal is to help you become stronger, smarter, and more skillful. We aim to do this by inspiring you to be more active and adventurous.

In our opinion, that is also what Spartan Race is all about. You train hard. You head over to a beautiful scenic destination. You then collaborate with friends and total strangers, working collectively to accomplish a common goal. We are thrilled to be a partner of the Spartan Race because it makes perfect sense for you if you believe in our philosophy. In addition, it enables us to give you all discounts and freebies whenever we get the chance.

Free Spartan Race Voucher

Plain & simple: We have received a Free Spartan Race Voucher (valued at $95+). We want you to have it. This is a promo code that will only work one time for any open race in the continental US (sorry International folks – we’ll make it up to you!).

Since we only have one free Spartan Race voucher at the moment, we need to make things a little competitive so that everybody has a fair shake at winning. Spartan Race is definitely an adventure that some of our readers had on their bucket list and were happy to complete the race.

Update: Huge congratulations to Rusty for winning this giveaway! Make us proud, Rusty!