This is called the king of carbohydrates because it will not increase body fat but it will only increase the muscle mass of athletes and bodybuilders. It is a great source of energy for those who train longer hours in the gym. Unlike other sources of carbohydrates like rice, it will not convert the excess carbohydrates into sugar and lactose. Thus, it is an effective way of maintaining the body weight.

Waxy maize starch is a carbohydrate that acts fast and delivers the much needed energy of bodybuilders immediately. It is 100% amylopectin, meaning it does not convert anything into sugar and lactose that causes weight gain. It can be absorbed by the body more quickly so the glycogen that the muscles need is delivered right away as compared to other forms of carbohydrates. The muscles can recover so much faster because of the glycogen.

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Benefits for Bodybuilders

  1. The continuous lifting of heavy gym equipments can deplete the body of the much needed energy. There are many power bars and power drinks in the market, but a food supplement that is loaded with carbohydrates minus the monosaccharides and simple carbohydrates is a better alternative.
    This will give bodybuilders the much needed supply of energy. In a study conducted in Sweden, it was concluded that this kind of starch is better absorbed by the body than regular sports drinks. It can replenish the much needed boost of glycogen a lot quicker. Thus, bodybuilders can exercise and train longer.
  2. This starch can also allow bodybuilders to recover much faster. Recovery is very crucial because it allows the body to recuperate from the too much physical exertion. If the body does not recover well, it could lead to dehydration, lethargy, and lack of concentration.
    As a result, it would take a longer time for bodybuilders to resume their training program. But with this food supplement, because of its fast acting absorption by the stomach of the glycogen, athletes can recover so much faster. Once it enters the stomach, it gets into the blood stream quicker due to its long molecular structure.
  3. It also aids in weight loss. The hydroxypropyl-distarch phosphate can make bodybuilders lose fat but gain muscle mass. It can make them feel full because of the replenished glycogen.


Waxy maize starch is usually marketed in powder form. The texture is very light and fluffy making it ideal to be added to some fruit juices. It will not alter the taste of other foods that you combine with it. The moment you drink it, it travels to the stomach quickly and releases the glycogen needed for energy. Thus, it is usually considered a recovery food supplement to replenish the lost carbohydrates from too much physical exertion.

Side Effects

Though there are no evidence yet that this has some adverse reactions to the human body, caution must be practiced at all times. It may cause some drug interactions or could cause allergic reactions to some people, so do not take this without the go ahead signal from a doctor.