Do you wake up every morning feeling like it’s just another day? Content Manager Sammy Nickalls of Inspiyr talks about 12 habits that should become part of your daily routine. Shake the haze off and live every day knowing it’s unique!

Keep Hydrated

As soon as you get out of bed, head to the fridge for a cool glass of water. Keep tipping the water glass throughout the day.

Return to the Hobby You Love

No, we’re not talking about TV; there ought to be something that makes your blood rush or your creative mind run. It could be photography, sculpture, or writing a novel. Whatever it is, it’s worth at least an hour of your day.

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Power-Packed Smoothie in Your Diet

Smoothies packed with greens, lentils, and nuts are great substitutes for the dreary morning cereal you’re so bored with. This intensely nutritious meal replacement is in a form that is easily processed by the digestive system, too.


This must be part of your daily ritual – a moment to get your bearings. Nothing beats a regular salve for the soul after a stressful day!

Dial a Friend

Or a sibling, a parent, a significant other. Touching base on a regular basis keeps your feet firmly grounded.

Finish Your To-Do List Before Going to Bed

Bed is definitely not the place to plan out your activities for the next day.

Kick Some ***

Exercising will keep you fit, add years to your life, and produce endorphins – the feel-good hormones.

Drink Red Wine

Drink to a healthier you, but limit it to a glass of red wine in the evenings. Red wine slows down aging and helps prevent depression.

Think Happy Thoughts

It’s not just for Peter Pan; you’ll be better off with positive thoughts. It’s your secret to becoming your own cheerleader and improving your life.

Be the Help That Somebody Needs

Helping others is beneficial to your health, not to mention that the one you helped today might give you the helping hand tomorrow.

Stretch to Relieve Tension

Have you heard about someone getting stressed from sitting? If your work entails sitting in the office, make sure you stretch and flex every thirty minutes or so.

Laugh Daily

Find something to laugh about every day. Life sure has a lot of things to be happy and laugh about, if you only take time to look around.