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Giant Movie Bloopers We Just Can’t Forgive

Giant Movie Bloopers We Just Can’t Forgive

Some movies are masterpieces that stick with us for years, while others not so much. Even some of the world’s most amazing movies go through thousands of cuts before being put on TV, the directors and editors sometimes miss some important things and leave giant bloopers that ruin entire scenes. You will be shocked to find out that this sort of thing happens with huge productions such as Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

20. Pirates of the Caribbean

Who would have guessed that pirates love to shop from brands like Adidas? This tag kind of ruins the vibe of this scene since the movie takes place in the 1690s. The next movie blooper is even crazier than this one.

19. Commando

Man, I wish I had a self-repairing car. I would never have to worry about paying for paint jobs every time someone scratches it in the parking lot. Are you ready for the next “Cast Away” blooper?

18. Cast Away

Those FedEX boxes are made from cardboard and that material is not waterproof. Therefore, the contents should be soaked in water instead of in pristine condition. The next movie blooper is huge! How did the director miss that?

17. Star Wars

Considering that the movie is set in space, we think it’s safe to say that the extra in the background is some kind of superhuman since he doesn’t need a suit. Talking about extras, check out this strange blooper…

16. Indiana Jones

Look to the left of the picture, do you see something strange? Yes, that’s an extra dressed in modern clothes. The next movie blooper is an honest mistake.

15. The Aviator

This movie features a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio goes to buy some chocolate chip cookies and while this might not sound like a movie blooper, it actually is! The movie is set in 1928 and chocolate chip cookies were first created in 1930. This was an honest mistake, but the next one isn’t!

14. The Gladiator

Chariots are pulled by horses, right? Wrong! The chariots we see in The Gladiator are fueled by gas canisters such as the one that’s visible in this movie blooper. You won’t believe how the next movie made an even bigger mistake!

13. Braveheart

Even though scots are known for wearing kilts, the movie is set in the 1300s and scots didn’t start wearing kilts until the 1600s. This mistake is huge, especially when considering that Braveheart is a historical movie. Talking about historical movies, let’s move on to the next picture.

12. Troy

An airplane is surely something that you wouldn’t expect to see in a medieval-themed movie. However, this huge airplane somehow managed to get screen time right next to none other than Brad Pitt.

11. Alien

Even though the Kane was wearing a hood under his full space suit when he ventured into the boneship, the hood somehow disappeared right after the alien jumped on him.

10. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is directed by Christopher Nolan who is one of the world’s best directors. Nolan is known for employing other creative minds such as Hanz Zimmer, but the person he forgot to hire was a proofreader. While this is a minor mistake, the upcoming blooper is outrageous.

9. 300

300 is an awesome movie filled with tons of action scenes and explosions. However, there is no explanation to why Xerese’ army is throwing bombs when black powder wasn’t even invented until the 9th century. The next picture will show us that even Quentin Tarantino makes mistakes!

8. Reservoir Dogs

How does someone who has his hands cuffed to the backside move them to the front while no one is noticing? Well, that’s a secret that only Quentin Tarantino knows.

7. Gone With The Wind

As you can clearly see in the blue circle, gas lamps are actually fueled by electrical cords. Although, this blooper is hard to spot and we have to give the director and the editors some slack. You won’t believe what movie is next on our list!

6. Django Unchained

This is another movie made by Quentin Tarantino and the problem with this picture is that no one wore sunglasses during that time. Sunglasses were only given out for medical problems.

5. Back to the Future

As the movie’s title implies, Marty McFly goes back in time. However, at one point he travels to 1955 and starts playing a Gibson ES-345 guitar which didn’t hit the production stage until 1958. You won’t believe what actor had problems while shooting an Oscar-winning movie.

4. The Revenant

Even though Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for this movie, reports are saying that he had many difficulties with his outfit which resulted in bloopers. Although, this shows that even the best make mistakes.

3. Avengers: Civil War

The Avenger movies are known for having immense budgets that always exceed the one hundred million mark. However, the Russo brothers who directed Civil War still left some strange bloopers in the movie.

2. Malcolm X

There is a scene in the movie where Malcolm X’s houses catch on fire and he starts yelling to call 911. The reason why this is a movie blooper is that 911 didn’t exist during his time. Make sure to check out the second blooper from Pirates of the Caribbean.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean Part 2

Captain Barbarossa loved to eat apples. He does this in numerous scenes. What is wrong with this? Well, the type of apples he eats all throughout the movie wasn’t created until 1930.


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