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Girl Learns She Is Being Adopted And Her Reaction Is The Most Beautiful Thing You WIll See Today

Girl Learns She Is Being Adopted And Her Reaction Is The Most Beautiful Thing You WIll See Today

All children deserve to be loved in a wonderful and safe environment. Children in the foster care system can often feel neglected and unloved. When one little girl finally found out that she was finally going to be adopted, she was beyond ecstatic! You won’t believe just how joyful this girl was when she finally found out her dreams were going to come true. 

20. Foster Parents 


Paige and Daniel Zezulka, of Athens, have been foster parents for quite some time. They have been fostering one boy named Kai since he was 5-months-old. However, there was a lot they didn’t know about Kai. 

19. Other Siblings 

Image: Facebook/Paige Zezulka

While fostering Kai, they had no idea that he actually had an older sister named Ivey. Ivey, however, had already been living with another couple for a while. There was still also another surprise that they had no idea about!

18. Another Sibling 

Image: Facebook/Paige Zezulka

Not only did Kai have an older sister, but there was also another sibling coming on the way. It seems that Kai’s mother was pregnant and about to give birth to another child. It was going to be another girl named Lita. 

17. A Phone Call 

Image: Facebook/Paige Zezulka

We got a call about a little boy who needed a home,” Paige told Good Morning America. Finally, in 2016, the couple asked if they could foster Ivey along with Kai. They first met Ivey during a playdate between her and her brother and they instantly fell in love with her!

16. Strong Bond 

Image: Facebook/Paige Zezulka

The siblings were so bonded, it was amazing,” she said. “From the moment we met her we loved her.” Eventually, the couple was able to take on Ivey and foster her alongside her brother. Both Ivey and Kai were so happy to be together. 

15. Lita 

Image: Twitter

Paige and Daniel could see just how well Ivey and Kai were getting along that they decided to inquire about their younger sister as well. They wanted to complete the family and help keep all of the siblings together so that they could all remain bonded. Eventually, Lita became a part of the family as well. 

14. Welcoming Her 

Image: Facebook/Paige Zezulka

Soon, Lita was brought into the house with open arms. Paige and Daniel worked very hard to accommodate her so that she would fit right in. However, Ivey went to especially great lengths to make her little sister feel as comfortable as possible! 

13. A Hard Transition 

Image: Facebook/Paige Zezulka

We were prepared for a hard transition for her,” Paige recalled. “Her other family was prepping her. We made a new room for her with pink everything, fit for a princess – we wanted her to feel safe and loved. We thought it would be so hard for her—thought she would struggle.”

12. Asking Questions 

Image: Facebook/Daniel Zezulka

Even though they didn’t expect it, Ivey began to constantly ask Paige and Daniel if she could call them “mom and dad.” She would even ask “if she could stay forever.” However, it wasn’t so easy for Paige and Daniel to just adopt the three siblings. There was a lot of obstacles standing in their way. 

11. Obstacles 

Image: Facebook/Paige Zezulka

Paige wasn’t sure how to explain to Ivey that “the “foster care system has a lot of emphasis on reunification.” So at first, it didn’t seem possible for the couple to adopt the siblings. However, soon everything would change in the most spectacular way. 

10. Good News 


We were in support of that [reunification] for a long time,” she said. “Eventually it just wasn’t [what] was best, [it] was not legally going to happen.” That’s when the couple received the amazing news that they could adopt 10-year-old Ivey and her two siblings. 

9. Making It Special 

Image: ABC News

The couple wanted to make sure that Ivey would find out that she was going to be adopted in the most special way ever. After all, she had been asking day after day if they would become her forever family. So Paige and Daniel decided to think of something clever. 

8. Question Mark 


She’s been living with a question mark of what will happen,” Paige said. “We love her birth family and she loves them too, but it became [that] with us was where she wanted to be.” The couple decided that they would break the news on her birthday! 

7. Amazing Birthday 


The couple decided that there could be no better time than Ivey’s birthday to break the amazing news. So on her birthday, they told her that they had “one more present” for her. Then they presented her with a small box…

6. The Box 


So the couple brought over a small box and Ivey was riddled with excitement! She couldn’t wait to open it and see what was waiting for her inside. When she opened the box her eyes filled up with tears. So what was inside of the box?

5. Plaque 


As Ivy opened the box, she saw a plaque staring back at her and she quickly responded saying, “I’m going to be adopted?” Then she began to cry the sweetest tears of joy! Her parents immediately rushed over to hug and console her. 

4. A Sweet Whisper 


We love you, sweetheart. We’ll always be your parents,” Daniel whispered to Ivey. Ivey’s reaction was recorded on video so that the family could always have it to look back on. However, Paige was so overcome with joy about the situation that she decided to share it on Facebook!

3. Favorite Video 


“This will be my favourite video I ever share. This was the day we told our daughter that we were going to be able to adopt her (and her brother and sister)!” Paige wrote. “She had been praying to be adopted and we found out on her birthday that it was going to happen! God’s timing was perfect!”

2. Beautiful Adventure 

Image: ABC News

Our kids spent 1,128 days in foster care, over 3 years. It is so hard for children to live in such uncertainty. Adoption is amazing and we want others to know that adopting older children and sibling groups can be the most beautiful adventure you could ever have!

1. Official Adoption 

Image: ABC News

Finally, on August 24th, the Zezulka’s officially adopted their three children. It was an amazing moment for the entire Zezulka family. What a happy ending for Ivey and her wonderful siblings.