Your girlfriend moving in may be the happiest day of your life, but before you begin celebrating, answer this question: are you ready for this? Your girlfriend moving into your place doesn’t only spell happiness, it also spells a lot of responsibilities, commitments, disclosures, and compromises. Breathe well buddy, because if you think you’re on the right path, you may want to think twice.

It’s Not Always Like a Fairytale

You think that it’s the most important part of your life, as you’ll live together like every couple dreams of. But will it really be a fairytale when she moves in with you? Let’s discuss precautions, steps, and tips for preparing for your girlfriend to move in.

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  1. Prepare your house and your stuff. Remember that your relationship is a lot different now. You cannot hide anything from her because the moment you decided to move her in, you agreed to let her in.
  1. Mark your territory when your girlfriend’s moving in. Even if you’re together now, you should not lose your individuality. You should have your own places to stay when things are uneasy. Of course, you shouldn’t lose yourself. You should talk it over with her to have clearer decisions over this matter.
  2. Grow up and accept the changes. Because it’s her home now, she’ll probably add girl stuff and you might not like it, but you should appreciate it. Maybe you can compromise with her. Avoid upsetting her.

Here are the answers to the myths and realities involved in a girlfriend moving in:

  1. The live-in maid: You probably think she’ll do everything. Do your share of the chores.
  2. The TV myth: She probably won’t like every program you like. Try talking about what you both like. In a relationship, it’s best when you both share the same interests. If you don’t agree, try making TV schedules.
  3. Nights out: You’ll think that she’ll support you every time you want to go out with your buddies. Yeah, that’s not going to happen that often. You’ll never have a warm embrace when you come into the house drunk, and expect to make your own coffee the next morning. She’ll most likely want you to go on a date with her and never with your buddies.

Did this article make you change your mind about your girlfriend moving in? It’s not wrong to feel that way. It’s just that you need to think about it and consider things that might change. When a girlfriend’s moving in, talk over some rules, finances, and talk every day to strengthen the relationship.