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Gosling Repays The Man Who Took Him Home

Gosling Repays The Man Who Took Him Home

In this world, you never know what every day hides from you! The day Mike Jivanjee rescued a gosling in Lake Oswego, Oregon he never knew that was a day that will play a large role in his life. His “small” move to save the gosling made him make a weird best friend who is committed to spending his life with him. Little did he know that his new best friend would be jealous of the ladies that approached Mike.

Mike likes to stroll around Lake Oswego, Oregon with his boat. Every day was the same but it was this day when he saw something strange in the waters of the lake.

20. Something Strange In The Waters


19. A Gosling


He saw a days-old gosling all alone, swimming by herself. To save her from all the boats that were passing by, Mike rushed to the location and managed to rescue the little bird and bring it up to the safety of his boat knowing little about the commitment he’d just made.

18. Under His Wing


He immediately drove the gosling home into safety. Initially, Mike decided to take it under his wing by taking care of it and nursing the little bird until it was ready to be set free in the wild again. But he became more bonded with the little bird than he could imagine.

17. Kyle The Gosling


From this day he took the little bird everywhere he was going, from cafes and bars to the usual routine chores in town. He even named the little gosling Kyle. A new friendship had begun.

 16. Falling In Love


As Mike decide to raise the little gosling the two of them fall in love with each other. It appeared that they capable of spending days together and a special bond was made between them. Mike had a new BFF.

 15. Kyle Grew Up


After some time Kyle grew up to his full size and became a strong ten-pound Canadian goose. As hard as it might be Mike decided that it was time for him to let her free in the wild. But nothing went according to his plan!

 14. Setting Her Free


One morning Mike took Kyle and drove him to Lake Oswego when he initially rescued her. They two spend some last hours together in Mike’s boat and Mike prepared to say the final goodbye… but it wasn’t that easy.

 13. Saying Goodbye


Mike said his final goodbye and let Kyle in the wild only to find out that she didn’t agree with Mike’s choice. The goose seemed to be unable to leave her owner and capable of doing everything to remain with him.

 12. Trying To Get Rid Of Her


Kyle had an entirely different plan in her mind. Every time Mike tried to make her fly away she managed to return to his boat. When he decided to take her miles away to get rid of her you wouldn’t guess what happened.

 11. Always Flying Back


Kyle was waiting Mike at home. Kyle was always finding her way back and was stubborn enough to make Mike stop trying to let her free and welcome her in his home as a pet. ‘I’ve tried to get rid of her, you know. I’ve driven her miles away and then left her in the middle of nowhere and when I come back she’s already home before me, so there’s not a lot we can do’, Mike says.

 10. The Pet Goose


Eventually, Kyle won her position as the pet goose of Mike and their friendship seemed to be introduced to a new exciting stage. There are a lot of things that a man and a goose can do together that you have never imagined.

 9. Speedboat Trips

Mike started taking Kyle with him on his trips with his boat. Kyle flies with him as fast as the boat as the waters pass behind them and she seems to enjoy it a lot.

 8. Exercise And Games


When Mike decides that Kyle needs some exercise he takes her back to the lake pretending that he is leaving her. “It is a game for both of us” he says.

 7. Kyle’s Character


“She has her good and bad days”, Mike says as he describes that Kyle seems to be communicating perfectly with him and understand him. Mike wouldn’t even in his wildest dreams imagine that his weird BFF will have an opinion about women too!

 6. Jealous Friend


Kyle seems to be jealous of women that are near Mike and shows it in her own way. “She can be very jealous when certain girls are around, but the majority of my friends she gets along with. She’s smart enough to know actually who the threats are and who they aren’t,” Mike says.

5. Future Together


As Kyle continues to be imprinted on Mike, he now sees that he will likely spend the foreseeable future with Kyle and he needs to make some adjustments.

 4. Spending Valuable Time Together


He tries to spend as much time as he can with his goose as she is officially his pet and researches every day on how he can make his home a better living environment for her.

 3. He Wouldn’t Imagine


Mike sometimes reflect on this day that he rescued Kyle. What happened after this day was something that he would never imagine. By saving the birdie he was at the same time making a best friend and finding the pet of his home.

 2. Perfect Match


As Mike likes lakes and has a boat and Kyle is well… a goose they two have a lot of locations that interest both of them to visit together.

 1. A Real Friendship


Love and affection don’t discern species! Kyle’s and Mike’s friendship is 2 years old now and it seems to be lasting for a long time.