No matter who you are you probably give some thought to grooming, but you also probably don’t want to spend a lot of time on it or go overboard. Here are some basic grooming tips that every guy can benefit from.

Get Frequent Haircuts

If you’re not specifically trying to grow your hair out you should be getting it trimmed every couple weeks. With short hair the growth is obvious faster than with long hair and this changes the lines and shape of the do. To keep your hair looking put together don’t wait for it to to get bad before you clean it up. Find a local barber that does you right and stick with it.

Handle Excess Body Hair

Some people like their hairy bodies, and more power to them. But if you don’t, there are plenty of ways to cut down on the fluff. Whatever you do don’t shave it, which can cause ingrown hairs, irritated skin, and will feel super prickly super quick which the ladies don’t love. If you want to remove hair completely, waxing is a better option since it pulls hair out at the root and the regrowth will be slower and it won’t be prickly. Otherwise using a hair trimmer is a great way to take hair down without removing it completely.

Trim Your Nose Hair

You keep up with your facial hair trimming but do you handle the hair in your nose and ears? Better safe than sorry. Excessive hair can start growing from these places as you age so don’t assume you’re immune to crazy nose hair just because it hasn’t sprouted yet. Something dangling out of your nose is the last thing you want a woman staring at when you’re trying to get the digits.

Pick a Facial Hairstyle that Fits Your Face

No two men are created equal, and neither should their facial hair choices. In fact your facial hair is one of the biggest tools you have for changing the way your face looks, in comparison to women who get to apply makeup to alter perception. For example, guys with weak chins can beef them up with beards. Play around with a few ideas and what truly accentuates what you’re working with naturally.

Take Care Of Your Skin

Every guy should be using at least something on his skin, even if you’ve never had an issue with it. At the very least you should be using a protective moisturizer with sunscreen, but many guys can benefit from even more than that. If you get breakouts you should be using a cleanser or cream with something like salicylic acid to increase cell turnover and sloughing to prevent clogged pores. Sensitive skin might benefit from nightly creams with some soothing botanicals, and anyone who is working out should be using a cleanser or toner to wipe the sweat away as you shower post workout.