When you spend a lot of time at the gym it’s only natural to do some of your grooming there as well, but you don’t want to show up unprepared and feel off for the rest of your day. Here are some tips for keeping your looks on point during and after your workout.

Choose Your Grooming Products Wisely

If you’ve ever gone to the gym with styled hair and sweat your gel straight into your eyes than you know it’s a not a great choice. You don’t have to go style free however, a pomade or a wax is going to stay in place for both the sake of your hair and your eyes. If you don’t have time (or the need) to wash your hair following your workout it will still be styled and ready to go.

Pick the Right Workout Gear

Sweat-wicking fitness clothing exists for a reason, that other stuff can trap sweat and lead to excess odors which just makes more work for you in the locker room. Stick with breathable, sweat-wicking garments that will help sweep some of that sweat away from you and cut down on cleanup. Plus, they generally provide a much more comfortable workout anyway.

Wash Your Face Post Sweat

A lot of men skip the step of taking care of their skin following a workout, but it’s an important step in the grooming process in order to prevent breakouts and clogged pores that can just make the skin look tired out. A quick wash to get rid of the sweat followed by a toner to make sure everything is clean is a great start. Follow with a moisturizer to avoid any dry, flaky, skin issues. Keep this in mind: washing your face too often can actually increase the amount of oil that your face produces, since it has a natural mechanism for attempting to protect it with moisture. If you workout in the morning wait to wash your face until after your workout so you don’t strip it of too many natural oils.

Handle Those Scents

Obviously you’re applying the deodorant pre workout (aren’t you?), but there are a lot of other ways to help cut down on the varieties of body odors that can occur when the sweat starts flowing.

If your feet are an issue, make sure you’re only working out in cotton socks (for the breathability) and leave the nylon ones for your work shoes. Sprinkle some cornstarch into your running shoes before wearing them to soak up extra sweat and keep your feet drier during your workout. If your shoes are still kicking in a terrible way, spray them down with some good old Lysol to kill the bacteria that are making them stink to high heaven.

For those of you who feel like you get a little ripe in the nether regions post workout, one of the best ways to handle this is a bit of manscaping. The hair in that area tends to hold on to the sweat and bacteria that come together in terrible ways. You don’t have to take it off completely, but a little bit of trimming can go a long way in grooming and preventing any lingering signs of your gym sesh. Plus, it might win you some points with the girls. That and applying some more deodorant ASAP.