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Gym Machines: Pec Deck vs. Fly Machine

There are a lot of gym machines at gyms. Some of them seem to provide the same benefit so you might be thinking that placing different machines for the same purpose is useless. Well, there are machines that look the same and seem to provide the same benefit but they are really not. Each workout machine provides different benefits. It is important to know which ones provide the benefit that you are looking for you so that you can use the proper kind of machine.

One good example of machines that look the same but are different is the pec deck and fly machines. These two workout machines look the same but they are basically different from each other. From the way you operate them to the benefits that they provide, you will see that they are not really too identical from each other.

Chest Exercise Machines

Listed below are the differences between the two gym machines. Read on to know which machine you should use to develop certain areas in your chest.

Pec Deck

The pec deck is a chest exercise machine that allows you to fine tune your inner chest muscles. Because your elbows are closer to one another during the ending position of your workout, there is more tension on your arms and on your chest.

Here are some additional benefits that you can get from using the gym equipment:

  • You isolate chest muscle for toning up your chest.
  • You put more tension to your arms for better shaping of your inner chest fibers.

Fly Machine

One of the best gym machines that you can use to develop your chest muscles is the fly machine. Because this machine allows your arms to spread wider during the starting position of your workout, you are allowing more tension to your outer chest fibers.

When using this machine, it would be ideal to focus on the tension on the chest and prevent yourself from bending your elbows to maximize the effect.

Here are some additional benefits that you can get from using fly machines:

  • There’s better and wider stretch, which is beneficial for bulking up chest muscle fibers.
  • There’s more tension at the arms, not on the elbows, which is great for extending the tension and pressure to the chest muscles and not just on the elbows.

When using these gym machines, it would be great to focus on your goals first so that you will know which equipment you should use more often. But, if both are available in your gym, be sure to use them both. You will benefit more from using both machines than favoring only one.

Using the pec deck will develop your inner chest muscles, which is important in having a balanced chest appearance. Using the fly machine will allow you to bulk up your chest muscle fibers, which is important in building up your overall physique, especially your upper body. This explains why using both gym machines will make your chest muscles bigger and more proportioned.