They say that life begins at 40, and it needs preparation. There are habits you just have to stop doing, even before you turn 30, for you to enjoy life at 40.

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  1. Too much workout. Pushing yourself to your limit – sometimes even beyond it – when you were a young aspiring man, you often tend not to outgrow that attitude when you’re 30 (it just feels like you’re at the top of your game). But man, you’re no longer in your early 20s. You might be wishing to still have 8-pack abs and toned muscles at 40, but at nearly 30, you shouldn’t be going to the gym 6 hours a day. Try doing an hour of overall exercise instead. You may not get immediate results, but you’re sure of a healthy and well-toned body when you reach 40.
  2. Stalking. Whoever that is that you’re stalking, it’s just not healthy. What’s more, is if it’s your ex. A TV personality once said, exes are exes for a reason. When you said it’s over, you must have also chosen to move on, didn’t you? But how can you do it when you keep stalking your ex’s Facebook account, following her (or him) on Twitter and Instagram? If you want a healthy you at 40 years old, stop it. Do other things that interest you instead.
  3. Eating excessively fatty food. A drink with the boys on Saturdays or a slice of cake on special occasions is fine. However, making it your daily lifestyle is not good. When you’re nearing 30, you should be watchful of what, and of the amount, you eat. When you eat food that is high in fat, you actually lose a percentage of blood circulation (20%), which lasts for 6-8 hours. This is why you get a heavy feeling after eating too much unhealthy food.
  4. Being too hard on yourself. Let’s face it: your job stinks, but you don’t need to be hard on yourself. According to experts, taking the job you hate doesn’t ruin your career – if you attend to it the right away. Quitting isn’t always the wisest thing to do. Also, as hard as it is, you shouldn’t display your disgust at work. You never know who’s watching you. If you really feel like you have the wrong job, talk it out with your boss(es).
  5. Ditching breakfast. Don’t have the time to cook for breakfast? Grab a sandwich and a coffee along the way. Of all the meals you eat, breakfast is the most important. It supplies the energy you need for the whole day.
  6. Ignoring your retirement plan. At 30, you surely aren’t yet ready for retirement. But you should already be preparing for it. Study the benefit plans that you may acquire.
  7. Wearing your favourite pair of freshman shoes. While your favourite pair of sneakers are certainly comfortable, you can’t wear them all the time. Different occasions call for different types of footwear. Malan Breton, designer, suggests owning at least three different pairs.
  8. Smoking. Studies suggest that even once-a-week smoking leads to bad results. It still blocks arteries and decreases blood circulation. So stop now, because when you’ve already been puffing for years, your body becomes dependent on nicotine and it’s harder to quit.
  9. Texting. Well, no. You don’t need to stop texting, but research advises calling instead. Not only is texting more prone to miscommunications, but it also poses health and social problems.
  10. Online multitasking. Doing work while tweeting, posting, and liking pictures is not really advisable. While multitasking gets a lot of work done at one time, it’s not efficient.