Haircuts for men are important. Just like with women, haircuts can give an impression of a man’s personality and grooming. Because of this, you should know what kind of haircut to get. This will not only complement your head’s shape, but will also give you the kind of look that matches your personality or the impression you want to give.

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Haircuts for Different Head Shapes

The shape of your head will likely determine what kind of haircut you should get. Because different people have different head shapes, you shouldn’t just copy the haircut of a Hollywood actor that you saw in a magazine. Here are the basic head shapes and the kinds of haircuts for men that go well with them:


Round heads should have a haircut that is uniform in length. The forehead should be clear so that the shape of the head will look clean. The hair should also be low in volume to avoid making the head look bigger than it really is. If you have a round head, you should go for a look that has soft and clean lines.


Oval-shaped heads should have a haircut that doesn’t cover the face. The hair length on the sides of the face should be mid-length only. This is considered the best head shape by most barbers, as this is versatile and haircuts for men look great for this head shape. The jaws are not too rough and the head is not too round or pointed, making it balanced in terms of looks and haircut evenness.


Square heads should go for haircuts that are longer at the top and tighter at the sides. This is to prevent the sides of the upper head from looking squarer, as the longer hair at the top hides the squareness of the head. The jawline should be accentuated on this kind of head shape to emphasize the jaw, and take attention away from the upper part of the head. An accentuated jawline is masculine, and so should be taken full advantage of.

Haircuts for men can be a bit confusing. So, find out what shape your head is. That way, you’ll know what kind of haircut you should have. Asking a barber for recommendations is ideal, as they’re experts. Also, remembering that haircuts for men reveal your personality will definitely help you determine which styles you should go for.