While some argue that every fruit is a healthy fruit, it really depends on your goals. When it comes to being fit, you need to be strategic. People often shy away from comparing apples and oranges (metaphorically). We’re taking this comparison on a literal basis to figure our which is better for building muscle when it comes to apples and oranges.

You know that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” We’re curious if it really does. More importantly, what does it mean for muscle growth. Bodybuilders have often turned their head at fruit around workout time due to the high fructose content. That sugar, unique to plants, can only be used by the liver, which converts it into glucose, meaning it takes awhile to get to your muscles.

Apples are the slower-burning fruit of the two, meaning the energy they provide will stay with you longer. Oranges get burned faster; however, they pack higher levels of some phytonutrients including a massive dose of vitamin C.

Healthy Fruit Showdown: Apples vs. Oranges?

Pick ’em. This duel comes to a draw when trying to examine each healthy fruit. Read on to see why.

Why Are Both Healthy Fruits?

Apples and oranges are perfect pre-workout snacks, but we would not recommend it for a post-workout source of nutrition. They each provide the kind of slow burning carbs that will power a workout without spiking insulin levels (which interferes with fat burning). Apples gain a slight edge because a large one contains just about the number of carbs you want before a workout. Plus, they’re marginally slower to digest because of their pectin (a type of fiber) content.

Oranges bring a lot to the table, too. Particularly, with their high vitamin-C and beta-carotene content. Vitamin C is linked to a boost in nitric oxide which is also a benefit to building muscle and burning fat. Two oranges before a workout will ensure that you’re getting enough carbs to fuel your training regimen.