Whether you’re a mountain man or rushing into the gas station for a quick snack, trail mix is a top shelf choice.  Trail Mix has a solid balance of macronutrients with a blast of protein and healthy fats.  Just what trail mix you pick though can make a huge difference in the calories and how well it can reach your nutrition goals.

Trail Mix: Get the Best for Your Body

When choosing how to fuel your body with trail mix don’t just grab the first bag on the rack.  Keep a few things in mind while making your decision.  There’s a reason we’re reaching for the trail mix and not the airplane bag of peanuts.

Snacking for Gains and Losses

Picking the trail mix with the greatest variety of nuts is vital.  Whilst you could pick worse snacks than peanuts, other nuts have a much better breakdown of essential amino acids. That assortment of amino acids optimizes the body’s ability to make complete proteins for building muscle.

Not only does trail mix boast more complete proteins but the fat content makes it an ideal snack for those who are trimming down.  The low carb and healthy fat combo keeps insulin levels down and blood sugar relatively stable.  Consuming this assortment of fats keeps you feeling full much longer than other carb rich snacks for a difference you can feel.  Even having trail mix as part of a meal can get you through a long stretch of not being able to eat.

Different Flavors, Different Results

trail mix healthy snacks

The next thing you should consider is how the trail mix is flavored up.  Depending on what extras are added in, picking the right flavor could be the key to your healthy snack.

The Au Naturale

Mixed Nuts and Raisins.  A classic combo of sweet and salty.  This version will have a few more carbs than just mixed nuts but the raisins will provide a quick energy boost keeping the man machine running.

Tropical Medley

Mixed Nuts and Dried Tropical Fruits.  While most of us aren’t snacking in the tropics, this is a tasty version sure to give you the feeling.  As great as this flavor might taste, definitely check the nutrition label.  Fruit is great, however dried fruit racks up carbs faster than Chris “Birdman” Anderson can get another tattoo.  This flavor is definitely for the hard gainer or someone in desperate need of calories.

The Good Ole Stuff

Mixed Nuts.  It doesn’t get more straightforward than this.  This is your lowest carb and calorie option.

Waning Will Power

Mixed Nuts and Chocolate. Just because 90% of the ingredients are good doesn’t mean the chocolate in the trail mix vanishes. Sure it’s not in huge proportions, but like the hottest girl at a party it can’t be ignored.  If you’re looking for maximal leanness stray away from the chocolate.

Next time you’re not quite feeling yourself reach for the trail mix and leave behind the snickers.  Just make sure you watch the servings per container.  As healthy as trail mix can be, a thousand calorie snack isn’t factored into many diets; well maybe if you’re Mariusz Pudzianowski.