When on the go, it is very easy to settle for some less nutritious options in the healthy snacks department. When at the airport, on the road, or even just in a rush, a trip at a convenience store results in poor choices of food that is often high in sugar, sodium,  and calorie (granola bars, beef jerky, pretzels to name a few). From a beverage standpoint,people tend to choose drinks that are also high in sugar and low in vitamins (Gatorade, juice “cocktail”, etc.)

Poor choices, even for a quick bite to sate your growing stomach lead to empty calories, sugar crashes, and an overall bad situation for staying and shape.

Here is a cheat sheet of some of the most nutritious options you will find in most convenience stores throughout the country to help you in your quest to find healthy snacks.

Healthy Snacks: Breakfast Edition

For breakfast, opt for Greek yogurt which is high in protein and definitely one of your best on the go options. If you happen to be in a store that doesn’t have Greek yogurt or you want something more hearty, go for egg-white wrap sandwiches. For the love of God, please  just be sure to avoid adding unnecessary junk to the wrap like American cheese and high sodium meats like sausage. If you do have the luxury of adding your own ingredients to your wrap, go heavy on veggies such as spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms with a smarter choice of cheese (swiss, monterey jack, alpine lace).

Healthy Snacks: Energy Boost

9 times out of 10, fruit will be your best option for a snack. Finding an apple or banana is always better than a bag of chips or pretzels. If you cannot get a hold of fruit, aim for trail mix or packaged nuts (almonds, pistachios, almonds).

Healthy Snacks: Sweet and Salty Fix

To feed your sweet tooth or chocolate cravings, never cave in by having a candy bar a la Take 5 or Kit Kat. Always choose an energy bar that has a plenty of protein with less than 10g of sugar. If looking for something salty: avoid crackers and chips and go for nuts or beef jerky instead – be sure to choose beef jerky that has low-sodium content. And no, Slim Jim is not acceptable as beef jerky.

Healthy Snacks: Beverages and Hydration

Water is always the best option. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something other than h20, go for low calorie drinks like propel or sparkling water instead of cappuccino and flavored coffee. While you might want the caffeine, having these low calorie hydration drinks will keep your brain and muscles performing at their best. Besides, convenience store coffee has been sitting in that pot for hours and you never know how clean those places are.

If all else fails and you are stuck with junk food. Be sure to get the smallest available package having a large package of junk food nearby makes it much easier for you to stick your hand in and indulge on unnecessary calories.