Alaska is located at the northwest extremity of the North American continent, with Canada to its east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. Alaska is the largest state in the US but with the smallest number of population. If you are planning to travel to Alaska, there are many fit travel activities for the active individuals. An adventure that you can indulge in is skiing in the smooth spring-corn snow in the morning, then, change your outfit come afternoon for a fishing activity.


Alaska heli-skiing is a travel adventure like no other. You will be taken to a terrain that offers scenic views of over 5,000 feet. There, you can be close to nature and the mountains. There are different mountains in Alaska and each travel agency offers a package that can satisfy your thirst for such a thrilling activity.

There is the Tordrillo Mountain of the Alaska range and this is considered to be as one of the best places to experience the spring heli-ski. Tordrillo offers a multitude of massive glaciers. It consists of velvety corn snow with a vertical height of 3,000 feet. There are some days when you can actually heli-ski under the midnight sun.

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The snow in Alaska is referred to as corn snow as it is the result of the melt and freeze cycle which is ideal for heli-skiing and snowboarding. The snow is about the size of a corn kernel which is soft and smooth for gliding. If you travel to this beautiful place, you will learn that the corn snow can only be experienced in the morning as it crystallizes in the afternoon; therefore, heli-skiing is done in the morning.


After you enjoy the morning heli-skiing in the corn snow, it is now time for you to change your gear and head to the river and fish for the famous Alaska king salmon and rainbow trout. You will be taken to the Yentna and Skwentna rivers. A helicopter will take you to these remote places where you can fish in the banks or you can use an inflated raft to take you further into the river.

These fishes normally weigh around 30 to 50 pounds and catching them is not uncommon. There are two ways of fishing. The first is the plugging and casting where you use the conventional casting with a plug and a bait and lures. The second technique is the fly-fishing which is more difficult because of the depth of the ocean, speed, and fish holding.

Trip Highlights

If you travel to Alaska for a heli-ski and fly-fish package tour, you can have an access to a helicopter ride to take you to the corn slopes in the morning. You can glide your way to the velvety smooth snow-covered mountains. Get the chance to see the view from the top then descend your way down to the mountain by ski. Then in the afternoon, catch your Alaskan salmon for dinner in the river.