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Henry Cavill: Official Man of Steel Workout & Diet

What many fans often fail to realize, however, is that Henry Cavill trained his body for a long time to live up to the role of Superman. Here are the things that the Man of Steel actor did to reach that peak of physical fitness, as they’re put together to become the official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet regimen.

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Does Henry Cavill Have A Routine?

Taking the role of Superman in Man of Steel meant that Henry Cavill had to follow a specially made routine that would help him develop his body accordingly. It has been labeled as the official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet plan and was created under the guide of Mark Twight, a fitness coach from Salt Lake City. Like most other routines, it follows a basic layout and consists of two parts: namely the physical exercise workouts and the carefully controlled diet.

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What Is His Basic Exercise Routine?

The basic physical component of the official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet consisted mainly of a technique known as the “tailpipe”. It involved two parts and was made up of one hundred repetitions. The idea was to work your body to its absolute limit and then take a carefully controlled break after each exercise. This careful break consisted of eight controlled breaths, one after the other, through the nose.

What Exercises Did He Do For The Role of Superman in Man of Steel?

Although there was no official release of what exact exercises made up the Henry Cavill Workout and Diet, there is a list of at least the most basic exercises that the Man of Steel star is expected to have done. These exercises include:

Jumping Jacks

One of the easiest and simplest of exercises around, jumping jacks can be done even by the most untrained of exercise enthusiasts. It is executed simply by jumping while simultaneously lifting both arms sideways until above the head and kicking both feet out sideways as well. For the official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet regimen, you can expect to have to do twenty five repeats for this alone.

Goblet Squats

One of the more popularly used exercise moves in the official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet routine, the goblet squat is simple enough for many exercise enthusiasts of most experience levels to follow. It requires the use of either a dumbbell or a kettlebell, the only difference being your preference. The chosen weight is cupped between your hands and held vertically in front of the chest; then you lower your body as far as possible, all the while making sure that you do not break your position.

Squat Thrusts

Squat thrusts are a great way to tone the body, and the actor of Superman from Man of Steel is expected to use them for around twenty five repeats at a time. The basic move for it is to squat down slowly, touch the ground, quickly push the feet back as if you are about to perform a push up, then quickly reverse your actions. A more varied form gives you the option of jumping straight up from the squat.

Kettlebell Swings

This exercise involves the use of either a kettlebell or a dumbbell, and consists of a sort of rocking motion in a squat like position. Squeezing the glutes and thrusting the hips help swing the apparatus to around shoulder height. As momentum builds it gradually becomes marginally easier to move the kettlebell, or dumbbell, depending on your preference.

As the official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet routine requires a minimum of one hundred repeats, the newest Superman actor would have been required to do twenty five repeats for each exercise listed above. There would also be about a minute break between each separate exercise, during which Cavill would do the controlled breathing eight times. Afterwards it was straight back into training.

The Superman actor of the movie Man of Steel has said once while being interview that he trains for about one to two hours every day with this particular type of workout. While it was quite tiring, being a tailpipe type of exercise routine, it had the desired effects.

As the main focus points of the perfect Superman body entail large shoulders, back and a chiseled chest, the official Henry Cavill exercise routine is probably the best option in gaining such a physique. The exercises, while training the whole body, focus mostly on the upper portion, allowing it to become more defined.

What Was His Diet/Meal Plan?

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The diet part of the official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet routine was specially made to suit the requirements that the physical part of the fitness training would demand constantly. As the routine is rather a harsh one that burns calories and fat much faster than the usual, a much higher intake of food is the ideal set.

Once during an interview, the star of Man of Steel admitted to having a diet plan that made him have a daily intake of at least five thousand calories. Such a large amount is very difficult to deal with, and it is only because of the hard working but effective tailpipe workout that he does every day that he is able to stay physically fit.

This new Superman actor recommends starting a diet with some protein before moving on to certain carbohydrates. While there is no Official Henry Cavill Workout and Diet list, the main idea remains: to keep one hungry, as it will make sure that the body will continuously burn excess fat.

Due to the high demanding requirements that his exercise routine has on his body, and the fact that a very large number of calorie intake is needed, it is expected that some of the foods taken in by the Superman actor of Man of Steel will include ingredients that are rich in lean protein and ingredients that give high number of good fats, such as mixed nuts.

All of the chosen foods in the Henry Cavill Workout and Diet plan were specially picked to make sure that they promoted muscle growth and development; such a needed characteristic, as the main character in Man of Steel is required to have such a developed physique.

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