Hotel gyms are hit or miss, but when it comes to putting some work in – never count out using your body weight to execute a hotel room workout. Most hotels, from affordable business class to premium first class, have some type of fitness room. Although your hotel may have a fitness center, even a large training room can pose barriers to your regimen. What if the fitness center is at full capacity? What if the facility lacks the proper tools and equipment needed for your current regimen? What if your company decides to cut the travel budget, unbeknownst to you, and you’re in a roadside trucker motel?

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As a man of wisdom and professionalism, you will be prepared for such situations. You have goals – you have a system that will be executed. The Hotel Room Workout is a system, a carefully crafted program just for you and your unwavering drive.

The Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout: Upper Body Edition

The first installment of The Hotel Room Workout is “Upper Body Exercises”. Let’s enter a program that escapes the confines and dependency of fitness equipment. You will get stronger, build endurance, and forge leanness in your upper body while on the road – get started with these exercise variations.

Hotel Room Workout: Incline/Decline Push-Up

decline pressup

Description: Using a common hotel room object (desk chair, table, bed, etc.), place your hands or feet on the object and perform a standard push-up at the angle you’ve created.

Repetitions: 12

Sets: 2

Hotel Room Workout: Plyometric Push-Up

plyo pushup

Description: Start in a standard push-up position and explosively perform the push-up so that your body elevates, leaving enough ground clearance to clap your hands together. Land softly on hands and repeat rapidly.

Repetitions: 8

Sets: 2

Hotel Room Workout: Triceps Dip Variations

bench dip

Description: Using some common hotel room object (desk chair, table, bed, etc.), place your hands on chosen object, sitting upright with your heels planted firmly on the floor or another object, and perform a standard triceps dip. Ere on the side of caution with your range of motion – going too low on any type of dip repeatedly can cause shoulder pain.

Repetitions: 12

Sets: 2

Hotel Room Workout: Superman with Scapulae Engagement

Description: Lying on your stomach with your legs flat on the ground and arms reached overhead, flex up so that the legs and arms are off of the ground. Once in this fixed position, engage the scapulae by driving your arms backwards so that the “shoulder blades” come together.

Repetitions: 10

Sets: 2

Hotel Room Workout: Dynamic Side-to-Side Plank

side to side plank

Description: Begin in a hand plank position, otherwise known as a push-up position. Once there, move (over small object or line if you choose) laterally side-to-side.

Repetitions: 10 each side/ arm

Sets: 2

Hotel Room Workout: Dynamic Elbows-to-Hands Plank

plank exercise

Description: Begin in a standard plank on the elbows and forearms. From there, move to a hand plank (push-up position) one arm at a time. Repeat this movement leading with the same arm and then, once the reps have been completed, switch to leading with the other arm.

Repetitions: 8 each arm

Sets: 2

Hotel Room Workout: Scapular Wall Slides

Description: Stand against the wall with your head, back, and heels placed firmly to the wall. With the back of your hands also against the wall and arms up (90 degree angle), reach up as high as possible and slowly return to starting position – try to keep all previously mentioned points of contact against the wall throughout the movement.

Repetitions: 15

Sets: 2

Hotel Room Workout: The Luggage Finisher

Description: Using your suitcase, carry on backpack, gym bag, or even laptop carrier, complete the following movement pattern; curl the luggage to chest in preparation of a overhead shoulder press, press the luggage up and over your head, return luggage to chest. Once you have this sequence down (curl- overhead press), gradually increase the tempo of each repetition.

Repetitions: 15

Sets: 2

Like any training program, your effort and attention to detail are paramount. For optimal results, the exercises within each instalment should be completed in the order they are listed, in a steady tempo, and with proper form. Maintenance is not the goal with each installment of The Hotel Room Workout– ConFITdent men aim for progress and you define that for yourself.