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How to Date Multiple Women at Once


Let’s be honest, at some point in the dating game there’s going to be an overlap in women in your life. Depending on how active your dating life is, this overlap could actually be occurring all the time until you decide you want to be in a monogamous relationship. So how do you handle dating multiple women at once? Generally the key to successfully dating multiple women at once is to do it tactfully. Less game playing, more just because you’re simply interested in multiple women.

Stay Honest

Telling a woman that you’re also dating other people is not always the most fun of conversations, but it’s easier to do at the beginning than springing it on her down the line. You don’t really want to get a reputation for being dishonest, and no one can really get angry if you’re honest from the start. When girls aren’t okay with that setup it’s obvious from the beginning and you can part ways before there’s an opportunity for any drama to go down. If she is cool with it, she might eventually change her mind and want something more series (as might you), but that’s the name of the game and at that point you have to make choices about what or who you want in your life.

Pick Different Date Spots

Sure you have a favorite restaurant, but do you really want to take all your dates there? First of all run-ins with people that you know are more common and it can get a little awkward when the waiter you’re buddies with can’t remember if he’s met your date or not. For another thing, if you end up with someone for the long term you might want to have a regular date spot that doesn’t remind you of that other girl you still have feelings for too.

Keep the Home Base Clear

Dating multiple women usually involves sleeping with multiple women, and even if she knows there are other women in the wings you can be certain that she doesn’t want to see evidence of them around your house. This means not keeping toothbrushes around, cups on the guest bedside table, and by all means take out the trash so she’s not going to accidentally see something she shouldn’t see. Keeping the home base clear also means taking care of your body…safe sex and getting tested regularly is crucial for your health as well as the women you’re seeing. It might be easy to assume that sleeping with two people is safe and it can be…unless they’re having unprotected sex with someone else. Don’t assume that they aren’t.

Keep Boundaries

You’re going to have to keep some boundaries if you want to sail through dating multiple women at once. This might include limiting days with each person, or having a no date policy to friend’s weddings. You know how much attention the ladies pay to photos on social media, don’t give them too much to run with. And if you find yourself bummed out about not spending enough time with a certain someone, then hey, maybe you’re ready to turn one into your girlfriend after all.