The pool isn’t just for cooling off in the summer months, it can be used as an awesome tool to support your workout goals. Unlike working out on land the pool is incredibly low impact, but still provides the opportunity for incredible workouts thanks to the natural resistance the water affords. Say goodbye to your tired knee issues. Not to mention the fact that your body temperature drops in the pool which can increase your calorie burn. Here are some ways to get a serious workout in the pool.

Get a Workout By Jogging in the Shallow End

Jogging around in the shallow end can be a great way to get a workout because water goes up to your knees you experience 75 percent of the force as when you’re jogging down the street. Add to that the fact that you will be creating a wake in the pool as you go…which is perfect for when you turn around at the wall and attempt to run straight into it. Continue doing this for ten laps which make up one interval, and repeat as necessary. It might sound easy, but it isn’t.

Floating Squats

In the deep end of the pool you generally won’t be touching the ground which is perfect for keeping all of your core muscles engaged no matter what exercise you’re doing. One really great workout is the floating squat, which requires the use of a some sort of a float like a pool noodle that you will straddle. To begin, pull your knees up to your chest and then use all of your force to push them back down. You can increase the intensity of this exercise by turning 180 degrees in the water as you do so. What makes this challenging is remaining upright without flailing around, so you’ll need to make an effort to keep your body composed and centered. You’ll get a better workout that way and you’ll also look smoother in case there are any hot babes around.

Overhead Shoulder Press

The pool is a great place to use your resistance bands for your workout as well. Stand in water that is about chest height with the resistance band under your feet which are about shoulder distance apart. Squat down as far as you can go as if you were sitting on a chair, and then raise your arms above your head as you release the squat. Do this for one minute straight with only slight pauses at the top of the shoulder press.

Power Squat

The power squat is another squatting move that can be done in the shallow end, in water that’s somewhere between your waist and your chest. It simply requires you squatting down into a seated position and explosively jumping out of the water with your arms raised. Keep your core engaged to focus your energy into the right places. This should be performed for about a minute straight. This one can create a bit of wake so be sure and keep your surrounding under consideration. (Basically watch out for children if you’re in a public pool.)