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Shoulders are an important part of a man’s body. They really set the stage for stature and width that can make you appear more dominant and strong. Building them up can take some work however. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to get bigger shoulders.

Keep Things Balanced

Injuring a shoulder can be a major issue, and it happens more often than it should thanks to the muscles just being off balance and unable to support each other properly. Even if the muscles are just inflamed from improper use that can slow down the rest of your workout and make things quite inefficient. Not to mention, if you develop the front of the muscles and not the back (which is a common mistake), if will give you a more hunched over look which is not the dominant pose most people are looking for.

Increase Your Range of Motion

Sometimes people just look like their muscles are off balance because they are too tight. Keeping your range of motion fluid will be a big help. An easy way to stretch out your shoulders is to use a towel, grasping it behind you with both hands and then raising until you feel a nice stretch across the shoulder blade area. Then hold it out in front of you are try to take the towel up and behind the head without bending your arms. It can be challenging, but it shows you when you need to work on that flexibility. Do it daily until your shoulders start to open up.

Start With the Backside

Many people go straight for the front raises but that mostly focuses on the front facing shoulder muscles which already get plenty of action in presses and pulls. Instead start specifically in the back to hit the rear deltoid, and then move forward if necessary. This is a good habit to get into for staying balanced.

Sit For Your Overhead Presses

When you sit on a bench to do overhead presses the body is challenged to stay balanced, which will make your deltoids work a lot harder. You might in fact be able to reduce the weight quite a bit because the balance factor is making your body work that much harder. Another great way to work the delts is to do superman presses where you lay face down on a bench with a 45 degree angle and do lifts. The weights you use for this should be pretty light dumbbells, since the move is way more challenging than you might expect.

Work Them More Often

If you’re trying to get your shoulders to the next level you should definitely be working them twice a week. They can take on a significant amount of volume, but do keep in mind that they can be prone to injury thanks to all the connective tissue in the area so be mindful that you’re not completely overworking them. Always be sure to take rest days when they are appropriate to the safety of your body.