Some people think that eating healthy has to cost a lot of money. This isn’t necessarily true, but it does seem to be the case when you’re putting a lot of money into the products out there that are created for the health and fitness energy. Many protein supplements are quite expensive and not always for much reason besides that you’re paying for the brand. There are however, plenty of natural and unprocessed places to get a lot of protein without handing over your entire paycheck.


Eggs are so commonplace and cheap that they’re easy to overlook as a nutritional powerhouse, but the fact remains that they are. Eggs are a very good source of protein as they are a complete one and each egg contains six grams of protein with only about 70 calories. So bascially they are straight protein without any excess carbs or anything else that you may or may not need. They have a great mix of the essential amino acids which makes the protein easily digestible and useable for energy and muscle building.


Some cuts of fish can get pretty expensive and aren’t always reasonable choices for the everyday meal. Tuna however, is generally incredibly cheap and each small can contains close to 30 grams of protein each. Like eggs tuna is basically just straight protein and doesn’t have anything else in that can besides maybe some salt. There is the mercury detail to consider when it comes to tuna, but if you are only eating it a couple days a week you are not likely to have an issue with it.


Straight whey can be a great protein supplement. It can be found super cheap and the body can use the protein really quickly which is why it is added to so many shakes and supplements. Instead of shelling out for expensive shakes, just make your own.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is so delicious it’s hard to imagine not wanting to eat when you get the chance, but luckily it’s also a good source of protein. Peanuts in fact are higher in protein than all the other legumes and nuts. Each serving of two tablespoons contains eight grams of protein and it can be purchased cheaply. Just be sure and go with the natural versions when possible to avoid all the added sugar that the kid centered brands add in. Also, peanut butter is high in fat and while it is healthy fat it should still be consumed in moderation to avoid weight gain. This fat content can actually be helpful for keeping you full longer than eating protein alone however, so there’s that plus side to it.