Confusion Among Researchers

The lower abs or lower rectus abs have been debated about by several different research groups for a while now.

There are those who say that the lower rectus abdominis abs are connected with the upper rectus abdominis abs to make one big muscle while there are those who say that there is a separate distinction between upper and lower abs.

Real Answer and Truth Revealed

However, there is only one real truth and that is that the upper and lower abs are NOT a distinct separate muscle group, but are really a long chain of muscles connected to make either upper or lower rectus abdominis abs.

Now the lower rectus abdominis abs have always been the single most popular subject among fitness experts and researchers because of these two distinct controversies.

For most everyone, the lower rectus abdominis abs can be extremely difficult to work and flatten out, compared to the upper portion of the rectus abdominis abs.


Highly Sought After, But Difficult

Getting that chiseled look for the lower portion of the rectus abdominis abs is highly sought after by most everyone these days because they desire to have a flat, tight, lower portion of their abs.

Also, fitness driven people love a challenge, and flattening and toning the lower portion of your abs is one of the biggest challenges. I’m not saying toning that lower portion of your abs is impossible, but I am saying that is difficult to achieve.

So why is the lower portion of your abs so hard to workout and tone?

That reason is that no abdominal exercise can exactly get rid of that lower abdominal fat. Instead, your lower portion of your abs get a workout and get stronger, which is the first step to revealing those lower rectus abdominis abs.

Why You Can’t See Lower Abs

You have to keep in mind, and realize that the real reason you can’t see your lower abs can be for two very specific reasons.

One, you can have an excess amount of fat in that area that takes much more time to get rid of, and number two, you could have digestive problems that causes your body to have to direct your digested fat into your lower portion of your abs.

Another thing is that your lower abdominal region is naturally a place your body chooses to store excess body fat. The reason for this can be because of genetics, or for women, it is because of the hormone estrogen that they possess.

The Solution is Simple

So, in order of that fat in your lower abdominal region, you need to know which issue you’re facing. The lower rectus abdominis region is an issue of fat and excess storage of it.

Now how are issues of fat solved? Proper nutrition and good dieting. Now, I’m not saying that’s the only solution to revealing that chiseled lower ab region, but I am saying that it’s the biggest solution to it.

The way to combat your body fat problems is by creating a strong, nutritional diet to combat that old diet consisting of countless calories. You need to have a huge calorie deficit and realize that when you’re trying to tone your lower ab region, you are really addressing a problem of excess body fat. You need to make big lifestyle choices that will last your whole life, instead of making tiny changes in your diet here and there, that end in a week. Another thing to remember is to not give up on your lower ab region exercises, because the lower ab exercises found on this site are what strengthen and workout your lower ab region.

Now just doing lower ab exercises won’t tone out your lower region, because you can’t show that muscle if they’re hidden under that excess body fat. So, the real solution to chiseling your lower ab region is a two-part process. If you want to see those lower rectus abdominis abs and tone them out, it requires you to have proper nutrition in addition to lower ab exercises.

Not Always a Matter of Workouts

Also, remember that the reason you probably aren’t seeing that lower portion of your abs get toned has nothing to do with your choice of abdominal exercises, because you just need to give it time and NOT give up on working to tone that lower portion of your abs. Keep working, don’t give up, and perform the lower ab exercises found on this site to start seeing results in your lower recuts abdominis area. Yes, it is a hard muscle group to work, but who doesn’t like a challenge?

Can’t Isolate Upper and Lower Abs

Now its been proven by researchers that you can’t isolate the upper and lower abs by themselves, because both the lower and upper abs are engaged and worked out during the performance of each exercise. The reason for this is because the lower and upper abs are one long muscle that gets worked out during each abdominal exercises. Although you cannot completely isolate upper and lower abs, because they are on big muscle, there is still research that has proven a few things about the lower and upper rectus abdominis region.

Research has used electromyography testing to try and determine whether certain exercises can emphasize one section of the abs more than another, and they have come up with a mixed conclusion. There is no real isolation to the exercises associated with working out the upper ab region or lower ab region.

Researchers have concluded that there is a mix in exercises that target both regions of the rectus abdominis muscle group and that it is rather hard to determine is one exercise targets the upper half or lower half. However, the lower ab exercises found on this site, have been researched and proven to at least workout the lower half region of your abs more than the upper half, if not almost completely target the lower half of your abdominal muscle group.