Wondering how to get published in the fitness industry? Your solution has arrived. If you’re a fitness professional, trainer, or fit blogger and want to make your way in the publishing industry, consider this your blueprint. A highly anticipated e-book has hit the market and is the product of a stellar collaboration between some of the most widely known trainers and writers in the publishing industry. Sean Hyson, Lou Schuler, and John Romaniello teamed up to put together this e-book that, if followed, can lead to you building a massive audience and bank roll while providing more value to your following and the fitness world.

The below is a guest post from Lou Schuler that really speaks to the content and Lou’s insight on the e-book.

My name is Lou Schuler, and I’m one of the few people to have a successful career in the fitness industry without ever training anybody. Nor have I gained credibility because of my physique or my athletic accomplishments.

I write. I write a lot, every day. Over the past two decades I’ve accumulated a body of work that includes more than a dozen books as author, coauthor, or ghost writer; more than a hundred magazine articles; and more blog posts than I could ever count.

I’ve also helped a lot of people just like you get started in my field. I brought Mike Mejia, Alwyn Cosgrove, and Craig Ballantyne into the mix at Men’s Health magazine. I’ve mentored two entry-level journalists, Adam Campbell and Nate Green. Adam is now one of the top editors at Men’s Health and menshealth.com. He’s won a National Magazine Award and written a bestselling book. Nate is a published author, a writer for Precision Nutrition (following a successful stint at T-nation), and a popular blogger.

If you went through my email archives, you’d see a lot of names you recognize, people who sought my advice before they were brand-name fitness pros.

I can’t and don’t take credit for their success. I’ve often joked that my advice is free, and worth every penny. Using that advice—producing successful articles, posts, and products—requires effort, determination, ambition, and a willingness to be judged by your peers. It’s not a good career move for the timid.

Then again, I don’t know many meek and humble fitness pros. Our business is filled with energetic, ambitious individuals, most of whom, I think, understand how important it is to get their message out to their target audience.

But how? To become a good trainer, coach, or nutritionist, you have to focus on the things that matter in those fields, like exercise and nutrition science. You don’t have time to study the basics of writing and editing, much less the advanced skills that suggest mastery of the craft. And you sure don’t have three and a half decades to devote to the task, which is what I needed to get to that point.

The more I work with fitness pros who’ve never written professionally, the more I see the two things as equivalent. Lifting and writing are skills that can be learned in a relatively short time, with focus and practice. That’s why I teamed up with Sean Hyson and John Romaniello to bring you How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry. Our goal is to break down the writing process in manageable steps, from your first blog post to that six-figure book deal you daydream about (or, in Roman’s case, a seven-figure deal).


How to Get Published is five ebooks in one:

Part 1: Sit Your *** Down and Write explains the basics of writing. All good writing is a conversation you have with your readers. Fitness writing is a specific type of conversation in which you offer information to readers in exchange for their time and attention.

Part 2: Fitness Blogging for Fun and Profit shows you a step-by-step system, from choosing a name for your blog (and, by extension, your online identity) to attracting an audience, building an email list, and eventually creating substantial income for your efforts.

Part 3: How to Get Published in Magazines lifts the curtain on a business that seems mysterious from the outside. How do you make contact with an editor? How do you know what he’s looking for? How do you craft a pitch that stands out from the others? And if you get the assignment, how do you actually put your article together? We answer these questions, along with all the ones you would never think to ask.

Part 4: How to Write a Book takes you through the process that begins with an unformed idea and ends, in the best-case scenario, with a published book that not only satisfies your ambition but also finds an audience and lifts you into a new tax bracket. We explain what readers are looking for, what editors want to see from a first-time author, how conventional publishing works, and how to decide if you should self-publish your book.

Part 5: The Life of a Writer answers more questions a fitness or nutrition professional would never think to ask about your new part-time career in publishing. Editors aren’t like you: They have different expectations and ambitions, and they answer to more people than you can imagine from the outside. Most important, we explain how to manage and advance your own interests. Even if everything works perfectly—you become a well-known, well-compensated writer with a big and growing audience—it will almost never work out the way you imagined when you started.


 How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry—a package that includes five ebooks and five bonus audio interviews—is on sale this week only for $97. On September 24 the price will go up to $147.