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How to Hot Wire a Car Like a Pro [Survival]

Simply put, to hot wire a car is when a person starts a car without using a key. It is a scene that has appeared often in movies, and can be done by anyone who knows how, whether the intentions are legal or illegal.

While many people go through life without knowing how to hot wire a car, it is undoubtedly a useful skill to have. It can even mean survival in the most precarious of situations.

Hot Wire a Car: Materials

There is more to hot wiring a car than knowing simply how to do it. The process of learning how to hot wire a car involves knowing certain parts of the car and their functions. It will do you good to learn what to touch and what not to touch, so that when the time comes and it is a matter of survival, you can start your car with ease and safety.

hot wire a car 2

First, is the gathering of tools and materials that you will need to help you start your car. Every car owner should always have these stored in their car in case of emergencies.

  • A flat bladed screwdriver
  • A wire stripper
  • Insulated gloves
  • A driver’s license and proof of ownership of the car

Steps in Hot Wiring a Car

hotwire a car 1

While you can go straight to the process of digging out wires and attempting to hot wire a car that way, it is always best to try the screwdriver method first. Place the screwdriver into the ignition key and turning it like you would a key. If it does not work, try the how to below.

  1. First, carefully remove the panels that cover the top and bottom parts of the steering column. Use a gentle touch when doing this, as you will have to put it back together afterwards.
  2. There will be several wires seen running to the cylinder. These are the wires that belong to the ignition key. Unfortunately, only one wire is responsible for actually starting the car, and as there is no universal color code for the individual wires, you will have to consult your car’s manual to know which one to look at. Knowing this beforehand will help in survival situations.
  3. After determining the wires for the car’s power and starter, remove them from the cylinder and use the wire stripper to remove the plastic.
  4. Twist the ends of the wires together. This should result in everything in your car switching on.
  5. Strip the cover off the ends of the wires. Touching them together should result in a spark and the start of the engine.

Very clearly, the biggest challenge is identifying which wire is which. So you will have to be careful and strategic and ideally do research ahead of time. It goes without saying that you should not be looking to steal a car, but rather for survival.

Hot Wire a Car Cautions and Tips

  • It is a matter of personal survival to always wear insulated gloves when handling the wires so as to prevent you from being electrocuted.
  • In dire situations where your survival is the top priority, you probably won’t have time to check a manual to find out which wires to use. It may help if you practice beforehand and in the safety of your home, so doing it later will come easily.
  • Always bring your driver’s license with you, along with something that proves that you are the owner of the car that you are about to hot wire. It would do you no good to be arrested for trying to hot wire a car that you own.