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Huge Polar Bear Drags Man Into The Water, At A Closer Look You’ll Understand Why

Huge Polar Bear Drags Man Into The Water, At A Closer Look You’ll Understand Why

What better way to cool off during a hot summer day other than taking a dip in the pool? Even though most people love swimming, I am sure that no one would be brave enough to jump in the water with a polar bear. However, there is one man that does just that!

20. Polar Bears

If there’s one thing we know about polar bears, it must be the fact that they are not the friendliest of animals. In fact, people who film wildlife documentaries say that being around polar bears is a terrifying experience.

19. Big And Strong

Just look at how terrifying polar bears are when they get angry! Would you ever have the courage to get this close to this beast? Well, one man does and his name is Mark Dumas.

18. Mark Dumas

The man in this picture is Mark Dumas and as you can clearly see, he is not afraid of polar bears. In fact, he likes to think that this polar bear is actually his friend! Isn’t this crazy?

17. Movie Star

Mark Dumas is an animal handler by profession and this polar bear has been with him for a long time. The bear’s name is Agee and he is a movie star. Yes, you read that right! Scroll down to see in what type of movies Agee plays.

16. High-Budget Adverts

Mark says that Agee has made appearances in lots of high-budget product advertisements. Nonetheless, seeing Mark get this close to the bear is a sight to behold. And that’s not all!

15. Swimming

The one thing that Agee loves the most is to swim with Mark. As crazy as this might sound, Agee actually drags Mark in the water. The next picture will amaze you!

14. Diving Underwater

Not only is Agee dragging Mark in the pool, he is also pulling him underwater. Do you think Agee wants to hurt Mark?

13. Having Fun

Mark says that Agee is just trying to have fun and that the bear would never hurt him. Don’t believe what Mark is saying? Well, then stick around for the next pictures and you will have proof.

12. Cooling Off

Marks says that Agee has been living with him for his entire life. The bear is 23 years old and the two have formed a strong bond in that long time period. The next picture will show you how Agee drags Mark into the pool.

11. Scary Moment

Mark was terrified the first time that Agee tried to drag him into the pool, but he quickly realized that the bear means him no harm. As crazy as this sound, Mark even wrestles with the polar bear!!

10. Wrestling Match

Even though this picture makes it seem like Agee is attacking Mark, this is not the case. The two are just rolling around in good fun. Do you have the strength to wrestle a bear?

9. Amazing Friendship

One of the craziest things about seeing these two playing around is how close they get to each other. Good thing Mark is a fearless animal handler because normal people would just run away if Agee got close to them.

8. Cuddling

Mark likes to think that he doesn’t wrestle with Agee and they cuddle instead. Truth be told Mark is right and the next picture will show you exactly why.

7. The Bear Licks Him

When dogs lick your face it means that they like you and I guess we can say the same thing about Agee and Mark because the bear is always licking Mark’s forehead when they cuddle.

6. Visitors Are Scared

Mark says that he loves it when visitors come and they see him get this close to the polar bear. The animal handler always has a good laugh when he sees the scared expressions on people’s faces.

5. Huge Polar Bear

Even though Agee might act just like a baby around Mark, this picture shows us just how huge he is. I am sure you wouldn’t want to have a pet this big roaming around your house!

4. Playing Around

Although, having a polar bear must be really awesome. Just imagine how funny it would be to play around with this beast in your backyard. However, the upkeep must be pretty expensive since bears eat expensive fish. The adorable fluff even does some amazing tricks…

3. Doing Tricks

The polar bear loves playing around in the water and Mark is trying to teach him a few tricks. In fact, Mark already managed to show Agee how to do backflips. Check him out in the next photo!

2. Back Flips

The coolest thing about Agee doing backflips is that it didn’t take long for him to understand how to do them. I can only imagine what other type of tricks he will be able to do in the future.

1. Crazy Or Brave?

The question that I want to ask you is if Mark is either crazy or brave? I think I am going with brave on this one. Nonetheless, what really matters is that Mark is providing Agee with a home and lots of love.