Husbands Eloped With Wife's Sister And Leaves A Shattering Note For Her, But She Had Even A Bigger Surprise To Share And The Perfect Response To His Letter - Natural Healthy Living

Husbands Eloped With Wife’s Sister And Leaves A Shattering Note For Her, But She Had Even A Bigger Surprise To Share And The Perfect Response To His Letter

Husbands Eloped With Wife’s Sister And Leaves A Shattering Note For Her, But She Had Even A Bigger Surprise To Share And The Perfect Response To His Letter

As she walked into the house, Laura read the note that her husband left behind. She couldn’t believe what he had written to her. After seven years of marriage, Laura had to accept the truth that the letter her husband had left behind said. However, little did he know that she had a secret truth to drop on him as well. 

20. Beginning Struggles 


From the start of their relationship, Laura and Jack had a handful of struggles working against them. Things started off when Laura was in college and met Jack, who was working as a bartender. Laura’s parents immediately disapproved of the union. 

19. Disapproval 


Laura’s parents immediately saw the situation for what it was. You see, Laura was six years younger than Jack and his unstable job didn’t make him look all that desirable to her parents. Still, Laura and Jack kept the relationship going despite all the naysayers. 

18. Moving In 

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After Laura graduated from college, she moved in with Jack into a one-bedroom apartment. The apartment was far from lavish as the heat never worked, the paint on the walls was peeling, and the lock on the bathroom door was broken. However, Jack and Laura were in love and were willing to overlook all of the downsides. 

17. Waitress 

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Laura decided to get a job as a waitress in order to help pay for rent and the bills. She began working at a steakhouse that was a 20 minute walk away from their apartment. Everything was going well and she was making great tips. However, soon enough, some rumors started up. 

16. Rumors 


After work, Laura would head over to the bar where Jack worked to see him and wait until he got off. However, every time she went there she would be greeted by side eyes and a lot of stares. Eventually, she began to start reading some of the wall art in the bar’s bathroom and was brokenhearted by what she read. 

15. Common Theme 


As Laura began to read over the bathroom wall art she noticed that there was a common theme amongst most of it. All of it was stories of illicit encounters and romantic kisses, but why would that upset her? Well, the other common theme was that all of the stories seemed to involve Jack. 

14. Questioning Him 

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Laura confronted Jack later that night and told him about what she saw. He immediately denied all of the claims and told her that she had to trust him. However, that’s when Jack completely surprised Laura by getting on one knee and asking her the question that every woman dream of. 

13. Popping The Question 


As Jack got on one knee, Laura practically blurted out a “yes” before Jack could even pop the question. Laura was head over heels for Jack and despite all of the rumors she decided to trust that he was being honest with her. Although she was young she truly believed in their love story. 

12. Married Life 


Soon enough, Laura and Jack were married and living life. However, Laura never expected for things to get this hard. The two of them could barely afford to pay their bills. Jack wasn’t getting a promotion at the bar and Laura wanted to go back to college and change her career path. 

11. Buying Lottery Tickets 


Since the couple was having money problems, Laura would go out of her way to buy lottery tickets each week. She hoped that maybe she could win them some extra cash and the two of them could go away on a romantic vacation together. When she ended up hitting it back in the lotto she was beyond ecstatic. She immediately quit her job and booked two flights and packed two suitcases. 

10. The Note 


As she came home one night, she saw a letter waiting for her on the table. She opened it and began to read the note that her husband had written her.

Dear Wife, I am writing this letter to let you know that I am leaving you forever. The truth is that I have been a good husband to you in our seven years of marriage, and I have absolutely nothing from that. These last couple weeks have been really hard for me. Your boss told me that you left your job just today and that, well that was the final straw.”

9. Two Weeks Ago


Two weeks ago, when you came home after work, you didn’t even notice that I had cooked your favorite dish, that I had a brand new haircut or that I had a new pair of boxers. You just ate for a couple of minutes, you watched all of your soaps and went straight to bed. The truth is that you don’t want to be intimate with me, and you don’t show your love in any way.” 

8. Leaving Her


Either you don’t love me anymore, or you are cheating on me, whatever the case, I have to say it is over and I’m leaving. P.S. Please, do not try to find me. Your sister Carla and I are moving to West Virginia together! Wish you the best and I hope you have a great life!” Laura couldn’t believe the letter that she had just read, however, instead of crying she began to laugh hysterically…

7. Her Response 


Dear husband, Believe me one thing; getting your letter really made my day. Yes, it is true that we have been married for seven years, but a good husband is completely different from what you have been. Yes, I watch TV shows, but I do it because the soaps drown out your nonstop griping and whining, but this doesn’t seem to work.”

6. Mix Up 


And yes, I noticed your brand new haircut, but the first thing that I thought was that you look like a girl. And you know I was raised not to say anything in case I cannot say something nice. For that reason, I decided not to speak about it or comment your haircut. When you made my favorite dish, you must have gotten me mixed with my lovely sister, since I stopped consuming pork seven years ago.”

5. Still Caring 

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When it comes to your new boxers, I didn’t comment since you still had the $49.80 price tag on them and I hoped that it was a coincidence that my lovely sister Carla had borrowed $50 from me the same day. But even after all, I still cared about you and loved you, and I believed that we might make this work.” That’s when Laura dropped the ultimate bombshell on Jack. 

4. Lotto Winner 

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So, when I won the lotto for 15 million dollars, what I did was quit my job and bought us two tickets to Hawaii. But, by the time I got home you were already gone. I guess there is a reason for everything. I genuinely hope that you will have the life you always desired.” Still, that wasn’t the end of her note to him…

3. Biggest Truth 


Moreover, according to my lawyer, the letter you sent me ensures that you won’t get a dime from what I got now. So, there is nothing more to say but take care. P.S. I believe I haven’t told you this, but my lovely sister Carla was actually born as Carl. I hope that is no issue for you.”

2. Calling A Taxi 

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After writing the note she made sure to email it to him. That point she finished up a bottle of wine and called a taxi cab to bring her over to the airport. She was done worrying about a man that never truly loved her. 

1. Heading To Paradise 

As the taxi cab approached, Laura grabbed her bags and headed in. She was finally heading to her next destination: paradise. She had never been happier in her entire life!