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Identical Triplets Take a DNA Test Just To Discover The Worrying Truth

Identical Triplets Take a DNA Test Just To Discover The Worrying Truth

Saying identical triplets usually makes us think that everything about them is identical, but it seems that it’s not the case for the Dahm sisters. The lucky parents got to see their baby girls grow into three identical and beautiful women with blonde hair and blue eyes. Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn Dahm would soon become famous around the world, starting modeling careers since they were in their teens. Let’s see their story so far and find out why they were shocked after seeing the DNA results.

20. The Beautiful Triplets

These are Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn, who were born on 12 December 1977. Not only their parents have been blessed with three little girls, but they were and still are very beautiful. Seeing triplets that look so much alike is very rare. But the latest DNA news shocked everybody!

19. Impossible to Tell Them Apart

Because not even the parents could tell the babies apart, they had to tattoo the bottoms of their children with a few dots: Nicole, the first born has a dot, Erica has two dots and Jaclyn has no dot. Friends and family were always confused, as the girls were inseparable and so alike.

18. Models

Not much time had to pass and the girls were soon scouted by modeling agencies. At 16 years old they got on ‘Teen Magazine’ and soon after they made it to the best magazine of all. Check them out at #16.

17. Students at the University of Minnesota

Modeling wasn’t something that the triplets wanted as a career, so they enrolled at the nursing school at the University of Minnesota. But the college campus has something else in store for them when they saw a flier of Playboy that was searching for models.

16. A Life-Changing Test Photo-Shoot

Jaclyn, Nicole, and Erica didn’t think that their lives were soon going to change as they went to the test shoot for the Playboy magazine. The girls thought it through and finally made it to the monthly Playboy magazine. Life was going great, until they decided to take a DNA test just for fun!

15. Always Together

Shooting for Playboy wasn’t a decision they would have made it separately and even Jaclyn said it in an interview. But this modeling contract opened a lot of doors for the beautiful triplets and even led to the shocking DNA test.

14. Famous in LA

The triplets soon got in TV shows, such as ‘Boy Meets World’ and also got to an episode of ‘Family Feud’, where even their older sister and their father participated and won $10,000. And soon they would encounter other important people in their lives.

13. Other Shows

They also won an episode of ‘House Wars’ and even got hired in the TV show ‘Renovate My Family’. They also went to Dr. Phil and that’s where Erica absolutely charmed Jay McGraw, Dr. Phil’s son. ‘It was love at first sight’, said Erica.

12. The DNA Results Are Surprising

McGraw married Erica later, in 2006 and he thought it would be great if the triplets appeared in ‘The Doctors’ to talk about their lives and health. That’s when the producers of the show had a great idea to make the girls even more famous!

11. Getting Pregnant at the Same Time

The triplets got pregnant at the same time and ‘The Doctors’ featured more of the triplets and their incoming stories. At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 people were intrigued finding out about the triple pregnancy.

10. Three Beautiful Baby Girls

The triplets gave birth at different times, but they all got baby girls that would later make an appearance in the spring of 2017. ‘The Doctors’ had this amazing idea of checking out the DNA ancestry and find out more about the triplets.

9. The Popular DNA Tests Uncover Shocking Results

Who would have known that these tests would show the triplets a different story about their ancestry? This test is popular and not too pricey and can be done at home with a saliva kit that can be shipped to a company to have the DNA decoded. The results are shocking!

8. Identical, But Still Different

The DNA tests came after a few weeks and showed that the siblings were identical. Nicole and Erica have almost identical fingerprints. But the second tests that looked into the ancestry showed that the triplets had different roots…

7. 99% European

At the beginning, the results showed that the girls were 99% European, but a more detailed result showed them that Erica was 16% Irish and British, but Nicole got 2% MORE Irish and British roots. Nicole had 11% French and German roots, Jaclyn had 18% and Erica had 22.3%. And there’s more!

6. Scandinavian Discrepancies

It got more confusing as they found out the percentage of Scandinavian roots: Erica and Jaclyn had 7.4%, and Nicole was 11.4% Scandinavian.

5. Not Accurate

It’s known that these tests are not very accurate and that a more advanced test would come with accurate results, but it would also be a lot more expensive. The triplets have been shocked when they saw that there was a difference between their DNA, even though they came from the same ‘egg’.

4. Life Goes On

The triplets are all married and each one of them gave birth almost at the same time to a son, so now they each have a girl and a boy. As you can all see, they do everything together – yes, even having babies!

3. Marriages

Unfortunately, Erica and Jay are rumored to plan a divorce. Jaclyn married Billy Dolan and are very happy together. Both couples have been seen hanging out at the beach or going to concerts.

2. A Test Shoot to Open The Way

Since they attended the Playboy test shoot, the triplets became famous and the best part was that they were together along the way. You can see them in ‘Relic Hunter’ and they even have another skill, check it out.

1. Skilled Cooks

The beautiful triplets are not just a nice appearance on TV shows. they love cooking and they own a YouTube channel to show off their great recipes. TripletsGourmet is the channel to look for if you want to see blue-eyed, blonde triplets that cook!


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