What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in an elevator with your boss? If you’ve heard about the elevator pitch, an occasion like this is one literal elevator pitch. Honestly, would you have the guts to even look at the company CEO? Don’t squirm, you can impress your boss.

Make sure you have the right mindset: don’t merely survive the 60 seconds, make the most of it to make a mark!

Mind your body language. Make a stance that is relaxed and confident. Look directly in the eyes for one or two seconds to make your greeting, then break eye contact.

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It also helps to be witty and quick-thinking. A light, funny observation or comment is great. You could make a flattering statement. Be sincere, and don’t fawn. If you can ask about their opinion on your department’s current priority, that’s one way of valuing the boss without looking like you are buttering them up.

If the boss looks at your name tag or company ID and takes note of your name, that says you made a mark in 60 seconds.