Few things are more touching in life than making our parents proud. Whether your parents are around or not (talking to you, Bruce Wayne) – it’s no secret that the people we grow up to be are based on reflections and experiences that we’ve had with our parents.

Sometimes, I think back at the times that my parents were the most proud of me. My graduation. Getting a big promotion at work. They had big smiles and were happy for me as I looked back at them stone-faced. With joy, my mother gave me a hug at my graduation and with a shrug I told her that “we’re here with thousands of other graduates and I need to be capable of doing more.” Since then, I have the same reaction to any of my accomplishments and my parents seem to be as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to their son’s achievements. My happiness and pride is almost directly connected to his.

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This Father’s Day, that’s the point I’d like to make to you. Your father, wherever he is right now, wants to see you happy and filled with joy. No matter the size of your accomplishments or mistakes, we hope that you smile and enjoy the lessons you’re learning from it. Someone is very proud of the person you are becoming and by showing your enthusiasm for them being a part of it, you’ll be giving them a special feeling that is way more priceless than any gift that money can buy.

After all, Dad didn’t get to breastfeed you or hold you in his womb to get the special maternal connection that mothers have with their children. Dad had to tell you when you’re wrong and push you in any way that he can to make you the man you are today.

The Father’s Day Challenge

This Father’s Day, we really hope that you take a moment with your Father (whether in person if he’s around or in a prayer if he is not) and tell him about a specific experience you’ve had that he may not remember and let him know how much you appreciated it.

On that note, here are some dads who got something stuck in both of their eyes. If you’re looking for more tear-jerkers, we highly recommend checking out this amazing sub on Reddit.

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